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VuePoints – Autumn 2023 – E1

VuePoints / September 29, 2023

Hey there! I’m John Cobb , CEO and co-founder of VuePlanner r. I’m delighted to join you today as we unveil our weekly digest of notable developments in the realms of #AdTech, #AI, #advertising, and beyond. Within this newsletter, my aim is to provide you with succinct and carefully curated industry highlights from the previous week. I’m sure you’ll find this resource invaluable for staying updated in our continuously evolving landscape.


Happy Birthday, Google!

As many of you may have seen, Google celebrated their 25th birthday this week with a special #GoogleDoodle. The Doodle features the iconic Google logo with a colorful birthday cake and presents. It highlights some of Google’s significant achievements and innovations over the past two and a half decades, including its search engine, Google Maps, and Android operating system. This Mashablearticle mentions Google’s commitment to continue improving and evolving its products and services in the future. Learn more.

YouTube Adds New Clips Insights to Further Inform Content Strategy

YouTube has introduced new features, including #Clips and #Insights, aimed at helping content creators refine their strategies. This Social Media Today, LLCarticle  discusses how the Clips feature allows users to create and share short, engaging segments from longer videos, facilitating content discovery. Additionally, the Insights feature provides creators with more data on video performance and audience engagement, enabling them to make informed content decisions. These updates reflect YouTube’s ongoing efforts to enhance the platform’s #functionality and support its user community in optimizing their content. Learn more.

Leadership-Level Listening: The Quiet Superpower 

This Chief Executive Group article discusses the importance of listening as a vital leadership skill. It highlights that effective listening goes beyond hearing words; it involves empathetic understanding and active engagement with employees and stakeholders. Damon Lembi emphasizes that leadership-level listening can foster better relationships, boost employee morale, and lead to more informed decision-making. Ultimately, it asserts that listening is a “quiet superpower” that can enhance leadership effectiveness and organizational success. Learn more.

Blue Moon Brand Gets a Refresh

Molson Coors Beverage Company is planning a refresh for its #BlueMoon brand in 2024 to maintain its relevance and appeal to consumers. The company aims to reinvigorate the brand by leveraging its history and commitment to quality, with a focus on #innovation and #sustainability. This MediaPost article mentions plans for packaging redesigns, new product offerings, and marketing strategies that align with evolving consumer preferences. This move reflects Molson Coors’ strategy to adapt to changing market dynamics and keep Blue Moon a competitive player in the beer industry. Learn more.

Evolving Models For Digital And Television Attribution

This article from AdExchanger discusses the evolving landscape of attribution models in the digital and television advertising space. It highlights how these two worlds are colliding as advertisers seek more comprehensive and unified ways to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns across both mediums. The article emphasizes that traditional TV attribution models are being adapted and integrated with digital attribution models to provide a holistic view of advertising performance. It also mentions the challenges and complexities in this convergence, such as data integration and privacy concerns, as advertisers strive to create more accurate and efficient attribution strategies that span both digital and #televisionadvertising. Learn more.

This week’s post of the week is from Publicis Media . Their CEO, Dave Penski , sat down with CMO Confidential to talk about a range of pressing industry topics. Check out the full video in their post here.

This week, I have been listening to Ten Percent Happier with Dan Harris. The episode linked here features Malcolm Gladwell, the president and co-founder of the podcasting network Pushkin Industries , and the author of six The New York Times bestselling books. Their discussion in this chat covers the importance of flow states, why people should have a lifelong pursuit or practice, and how he personally relaxes. Give it a listen!