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YouTube Ad Placements

Meet VuePlanner.

Where sophisticated automation meets human intelligence.

VuePlanner® is a proprietary technology that powers contextual, data-driven YouTube campaign performance through relevant content identification and quality scoring, pre-bid transparency, and ongoing placement monitoring. Using a combination of machine learning and human curation, VuePlanner produces custom video-level placement lists that integrate seamlessly with both the Google Ads and DV360 platforms.

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Focusing on a Cost Per Suitable View (CPSV) metric, we work closely with brands and their agencies to uniquely solve the massive opportunity around transparent and brand suitable YouTube video advertising. Our video certification platform helps advertisers drive stronger YouTube ad performance, brand lift, and ROAS. Oh, and it’s the only software platform that allows advertisers to see YouTube inventory before they buy. We think that’s pretty unique.

About YouTube Advertising

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Who We Are

We’re a dedicated team of data-driven professionals, passionate about online video marketing, and dedicated to the continuous improvement of video user experience and performance. We understand that contextual ads are consumed ads, so our mission is to harness the power of YouTube video advertising by curating and presenting YouTube data in the easiest and most digestible way for brands align their messages with consumers—at the most opportune time.

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Contextual Targeting

Get in front of customers who are already searching for related content

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Brand Suitability

Curate the perfect content collections for your campaign and calculate your Cost Per Suitable View

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Competitive Conquesting

Build custom collections of relevant videos mentioning competitors that drive high video ad viewership and tune in

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ReVue Insights & Reporting

Track your performance, minimize misaligned spend, and optimize your efficiency

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Self-Service Solutions

Activate VuePlanner collections on your own with easy set up and personalized support from our team of YouTube experts

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Managed Services

Not quite ready to start on your own? Our team handles even the most complicated campaigns

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Our Values


We BUILD intuitive solutions for evolving problems


We ACT with intention toward a common goal


We DELIVER trust, efficiency, and progress


We BELIEVE in dedicated, tailored support


We CELEBRATE diverse, community-inclusive targeting


We COMMIT to our customers by providing white-glove, top-tier service

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How VuePlanner started.

Contextual targeting has been in our DNA for over a decade.  We’ve built a variety of native video products and have run thousands of campaigns for some of the top brands in the world. In 2017, we saw an opportunity to solve the problem of placement level targeting at scale on YouTube. Since that time, we’ve been intently focused on making our VuePlanner technology the most advanced solution on the market for YouTube ad performance.

VuePlanner is a verified YouTube Brand Suitability & Contextual Targeting Partner.

Recognized by Google as a leading, trusted, independent solution for driving and measuring marketing performance on YouTube.

About Youtube Advertising

Don’t just take it from us.

“With VuePlanner, we were able to increase cost per completed actions to our site by almost 80%.”

-VP, Automotive Company

“VuePlanner has helped us optimize our media spend by over 18% and reallocate our YouTube dollars to content with better cost-per-conversions.”

-Digital Investment Manager, CPC Company

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Get to know our team and learn more about the possibilities you can achieve in your YouTube ad placement with the backing of the expert VuePlanner team.

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