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New YouTube Ads

Contextual targeting.

Create new YouTube Ads that work.

We know that ads are most performant when shown to the right user at the right time. VuePlanner leverages YouTube as the world’s 2nd largest search engine to align your marketing messages with content that your target audience is searching for. Our platform provides a new level of visibility on the web, with targeting and optimization that lets you plan smarter for your clients.

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Benefits of Contextual Targeting

Redirect Your Misaligned Spend

Our contextual approach eliminates misaligned campaign spend, aligning your buy with the most relevant content to your ad messages.

Drive Campaign Outcomes that Matter

Refine your YouTube video ad buy to videos that drive measurable performance at all stages of the marketing funnel: Awareness, Consideration, and Decision.

Intent-Based, Privacy-Compliant Targeting

Increase relevance and improve performance 12-40% by planning down to the individual video URL (beyond the YouTube Channel level).

Video List Transparency

In addition to targeting channels and categories, you can now target your YouTube campaign down to specifically selected videos at scale for your creative message to run adjacent to.

Bonus Feature

By targeting to the video level, you will be able to start reporting out on YouTube performance at the video level—something that cannot be done with non-placement targeting.

How it Works

We love YouTube content and have spent years curating it into what we call “collections” of video segments around a topic or idea. Through a blend of artificial intelligence and human editorial review, we’ve developed a proven framework for easily and transparently categorizing YouTube content into actionable, targetable, better performing video placement lists.

Understanding your keywords.

Using our home-grown Collection Builder Tool, we curate and enter keywords and phrases to generate a list of relevant YouTube videos. Each video includes a proprietary placement quality VueScore.

A highly focused strategy.

We add Channel IDs and video blacklists to focus in on the campaign’s contextual target and brand suitability.

Adjustments as needed.

We adjust this list by video publish date, engagement minimums, and optional content categories.

Predict performance.

Using our VueCast machine learning algorithm, we apply an anticipated next 30-day view forecast for each collection.

Review & adjust for brand safety.

All collections go through an extensive manual review process by our team to ensure brand safety and contextual alignment.

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Marques Brownlee Technology Channel
Editorial Review
Forecasted Views
Performance by Category
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Who needs contextual targeting?

    • Smart brand advertisers who understand the importance of aligning their ad messages with relevant, adjacent content to tap into users’ intent at the times when they’re most receptive.
    • Performance marketers focused on driving low funnel conversions who have seen success in search marketing space.

Ready to see context in action?

Context matters – schedule a demo today and let’s find the collections that speak to your audience and drive better video performance.

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