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competitive advertising

Competitive conquesting.

Increase your market share. Stay competitive.

Run in front of content that contains messaging for your client’s competitive set to increase your market share. VuePlanner offers you a chance to get even more competitive with your advertising with our platform’s competitive conquesting capabilities.

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Benefits of Competitive Conquesting

Own Competitor Channels & Messaging

Serve ads in front of your direct competitors’ owned content by targeting specific videos & YouTube channels. Activate the available YouTube Companion Banner to give your brand visibility throughout the entire length of video content.

Reach a Low-Funnel Target Audience

Bid against videos that are proven to lead to conversions within your category—the exact content your customer is watching before they ultimately decide to purchase.

Grow Advertising Share of Voice

Steal share of voice from your competition by developing curated video lists – bidding against your competitors & relevant category search keywords.

Find Additional Opportunities

Custom intent audiences by Google create an additional opportunity to find users who are searching within relevant keywords, outside of the YouTube, then re-target them within the platform.

How it Works

If you want to stay competitive in an ever-evolving digital space, VuePlanner’s tools & platform can help be your guide. Amplify your low funnel search marketing conquesting tactics & reach to the audience that is already searching for your competitor’s product and services on YouTube.

Hone in on Cost per Suitable View.

Your team provides VuePlanner with a list of competitors & any search keyword targeting lists.

YouTube Conquesting Recommendations.

The VuePlanner team develops a custom YouTube competitive conquesting strategy and recommendations. We take the provided list of competitors & keywords to build video level targeting collections.

Review & Activate.

VuePlanner collections are shared with your team for approval, prior to activation steps.

Measure & Adjust.

Measure campaign results against your competitive set by activating Google Brand Lift studies to gauge lift in brand awareness, ad recall, purchase intent, etc.

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Who needs competitive conquesting?

    • Performance marketers focused on driving low funnel conversions who have seen success in search marketing space.
    • Brands with smaller scale budgets with larger competition looking to make a bigger impact with their YouTube budget.

Get a leg up on your competition.

In 5 minutes or less, we can provide you with a targeted list of what your competitors are doing on YouTube.

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