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how to put ads on YouTube

Self-service solutions.

As a brand marketer, you’re busy. We get it.

As a savvy video marketer, you already know how to put ads on YouTube and how to run successful YouTube campaigns. But what if you could improve your existing return on ad spend by upwards of 20% without any additional time or effort? VuePlanner’s various tools, reporting, and services can help back you up.

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Video List Transparency

A new level of visibility, with targeting and optimization that lets you plan smarter for your clients. In addition to targeting channels and categories, you can now target your YouTube campaign down to specifically selected videos at scale for your creative message to run adjacent to.

Supports all YouTube Ad Formats and Features

From TrueView to Bumpers, Brand Lift Studies to 3rd party Tracking, Sequential Storytelling and Remarketing, VuePlanner works with all your YouTube best practices.

Easy, Seamless Integration

All custom, video-level placement lists can be ported from VuePlanner to your Google Account (DV360 or Google Ads) automatically within minutes.

Better Reporting, Better Results

By focusing on performance at the video level, you’ll be able to fine tune precisely the types of videos that yield the most return on your ad spend.


By targeting to the video level, you will be able to start reporting out on YouTube performance at the video level (something that cannot be done with non-placement targeting).

How it Works

01. Browse & Build

Browse our category catalog to find the right pre-built video lists to target, or let’s work together to build something custom to meet your specific campaign needs.

02. Activate

Once you’ve locked in on the optimal content targets, simply push the data to your Google Ads or DV360 account through our simple Chrome Extension.

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Who can use self-service solutions from VuePlanner?

    • Programmatic buying teams within agencies looking to improve YouTube buying efficiencies.
    • Performance marketers focused on driving low funnel conversions who have seen success in search marketing space

It’s almost too easy.

We’ve done all of the heavy lifting. It’s never been easier to do content targeting at scale on YouTube at scale. Let us show you how it works.

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