YouTube Pre-Buying Solution

VuePlanner is the YouTube Brand Suitability and Transparency solution for brands and agencies. See YouTube video inventory before you buy and build the right video-level targeting for your campaigns.

What We Do.


See all individual videos before you buy

Brand Suitability

Hand curated, contextually relevant video inventory

Artificial Intelligence

Video sentiment scores, powered by IBM Watson

Flexible Pricing

Pay on usage only

Easy Setup

Run on new or existing campaigns

Case Study.

Avoid wasted spend on pages that are either irrelevant or not brand safe. A major automotive brand saw a 33% lift in View Through Rate (VTR) using VuePlanner vs standard platform targeting.

How it Works.


We create category segments based on your campaign objectives.

  • Keywords
  • Categories
  • Target Audiences


For each category segment, you will receive a .csv file which lists the following information for each video:

  • VueScore™ Insights Report
  • YouTube Public URL
  • Date/Time of Video Publish
  • Video Title
  • Video Duration
  • Channel Title
  • Total Views (at time of publish)


You apply individual video targeting within your existing Adwords/DBM account. We’ll provide instructions on how to set up the targeting, or can do it for you.

Audience Catalog Examples.

Choose from hundreds of pre-built segments, or let us create a custom segment for you

Automotive Enthusiasts

Beauty Vloggers

Big Events

Business Executives

Business Travelers

Buy Like TV

Concert Goers



Fashion Conscious


Luxury Travelers

Mobile Moms

Movie Buffs

Music Lovers

New Parents

News Junkies

Pet Lovers

Planning a Wedding

Sports Fans


Value Shoppers

Video Gamers

Weekend Warriors