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Embrace the power of YouTube on CTV to reach families where they stream the most.

Advanced technology for contextually targeting YouTube content on Connected TVs enables you to go beyond cookies and audience behavior in order to reach consumers who are ready to take action.

Drive Performance Outcomes on YouTube.

VuePlanner is the leading technology for the delivery of contextual, transparent, and data-driven YouTube advertising. But it’s also so much more than that. Working with VuePlanner elevates and enhances your YouTube ad strategy and buying experience, taking hours of research off your plate.  Make sure your campaigns are Verified by VuePlanner.

And while our technology is the best in the industry, you won’t find us hiding behind it.

That’s because our team has decades of experience in marketing and advertising and have a true passion for helping you maximize your media investment on YouTube, while minimizing hassle, confusion, and misaligned spend.

VuePlanner is a verified YouTube Brand Suitability & Contextual Targeting Partner.

Recognized by Google as a leading, trusted, independent solution for driving and measuring marketing performance on YouTube.

About YouTube Advertising

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VuePlanner Features

Contextual Targeting

Get in front of customers who are already searching for related content

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Brand Suitability

Curate the perfect content collections for your campaign and calculate your Cost Per Suitable View

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Competitive Conquesting

Build custom collections of relevant videos mentioning competitors that drive high video ad viewership and tune in

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ReVue Insights & Reporting

Track your performance, minimize misaligned spend, and optimize your efficiency

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Self-Service Solutions

Activate VuePlanner collections on your own with easy set up and personalized support from our team of YouTube experts

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Managed Services

Not quite ready to start on your own? Our team handles even the most complicated campaigns

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Forecasted Views

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Are you ready to improve your YouTube targeting efficiency by more than 20%?

For brands: Improve your video performance metrics by aligning your video ad messages with YouTube content that your customers specifically search for. Learn More

For agencies: Ensure you’re running on the most relevant, brand-suitable inventory on YouTube to optimize your YouTube ad strategy. Learn More

VuePlanner is the leading, trusted YouTube advertising tool used by leaders in their respective industries.

Hear what they have to say:

“With VuePlanner, we were able to increase cost per completed actions to our site by almost 80%. ”

-VP, Automotive Company

“VuePlanner has helped us optimize our media spend by over 18% and reallocate our YouTube dollars to content with better cost-per-conversions.”

-Digital Investment Manager, CPC Company

You can’t afford to miss out on what you don’t know.

YouTube is already a robust advertising platform—we can help you navigate and enhance it. Get $100k of Video Spend Analysis in less than 24 hours when you reach out to our VuePlanner advertising experts for a demo.

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