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Data-Driven Contextual Targeting

For agencies.

Solving for brand suitability, ad placement transparency, and targeting convenience.

VuePlanner helps media agencies of all sizes become smarter in their YouTube buying process. Our proprietary platform contains all the tools your team needs to plan, activate & optimize more effective YouTube campaigns, for your clients.

37 %

of weekly online video viewers say they’re more open to video ads when they are shown the type of relevant ads they prefer

68 %

of YouTube users watched YouTube to help make a purchase decision. (Google/Ipsos Connect, U.S., YouTube Cross Screen Survey (n=1,186 U.S. consumers 18–54 who watch YouTube at least once a month), July 2016.)

78.8 %

of marketers say that YouTube is the most effective video marketing platform.


The result? The easiest and most advanced contextual targeting solution for successful YouTube campaigns.

Improved Performance

By aligning ad messaging to video content, VuePlanner helps you focus your campaign spend to the content that matters; videos that prompt viewer engagement and drive outcomes for your brand.

Managed Service or Self-Service

Let us handle your campaigns from start to finish or activate VuePlanner Collections on your own with easy set up and personalized support from our team of YouTube experts.

Video List Transparency

A new level of visibility, with targeting and optimization that lets you plan smarter for your clients. In addition to targeting channels and categories, you can now target your YouTube campaign down to specifically selected videos at scale for your creative message to run adjacent to. As a bonus, by targeting to the video level, you will be able to start reporting out on YouTube performance at the video level (something that cannot be done with non-placement targeting).

Transparent Pricing

Upfront, transparent pricing at a fraction of our competitor’s cost.

Google DVIP

All media run using VuePlanner technology counts toward your existing Google DVIP commitment, whether you use our managed or self-serve option.

Custom Curated Content

VuePlanner will provide a curated video and channel buy featuring relevant content and dynamic trending content so you have full transparency on where your content will be running. We have a proprietary taxonomy of over 800 YouTube-specific collections or can build something custom to meet your campaign’s specific needs.

Improved User Experience

Studies show that 56% of video viewers prefer ad messaging that aligns with video content.

Support for all YouTube Ad Formats and Features

From TrueView to Bumpers, Brand Lift Studies to 3rd party Tracking, Sequential Storytelling and Re-marketing, VuePlanner works with all your YouTube best practices.

VuePlanner is the leading, trusted YouTube advertising tool used by industry leaders looking to elevate the sophistication of their YouTube advertising capabilities.

Hear what they have to say:

“With VuePlanner, we were able to increase cost per completed actions to our site by almost 80%. ”

-VP, Automotive Company

“VuePlanner has helped us optimize our media spend by over 18% and reallocate our YouTube dollars to content with better cost-per-conversions.”

-Digital Investment Manager, CPC Company

How it Works

You control the media; we’ll provide the rest.


We curate and enter keywords and phrases to generate a list of relevant YouTube videos. Each video includes a proprietary placement quality VueScore.


We add Channel ID’s and video blacklists to focus in on the campaign’s contextual target and brand suitability.


We adjust this list by video publish date, engagement minimums, and optional content categories.


Using our VueCast machine learning algorithm, we apply an anticipated next 30-day view forecast for each collection.

& Finally…

All collections go through an extensive manual review process by our team to ensure brand safety and contextual alignment.

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VuePlanner is a verified YouTube Brand Suitability & Contextual Targeting Partner.

Recognized by Google as a leading, trusted, independent solution for driving and measuring marketing performance on YouTube.

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