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Podcast Content.

The Intersection of Video & Podcasts.

VuePlanner now features a custom-curated taxonomy of YouTube Podcast inventory, giving advertisers the ability to extend their current Podcast strategies with the power of video messaging and the massive reach of YouTube.

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The YouTube Podcast Opportunity.

Podcast content is booming. VuePlanner can help you harness the power of podcast content on YouTube and extend the recess you are already seeing in your current marketing strategy.

Podcast content is uploaded to YouTube when the artists film their audio recording session. These videos can come in the form of full-length episodes, clips, highlights, or animations. Podcasters are choosing to expand into the YouTube platform in order to grow their audience and diversity their content.

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Curated Categories to Fit Your Needs.

There are more than 116 million monthly podcast listeners as of March 2021, brands and agency investment teams can now tap into that audience with VuePlanner’s curated podcast categories. Our team has forecasted nearly 481 million views across 13 podcast categories including, true crime, news and politics, business and finance, and more.

VuePlanner’s Capabilities Enable Advertisers to Target Podcasts on YouTube

VuePlanner features a custom-curated taxonomy of YouTube podcast inventory, giving advertisers the ability to extend their current podcast strategy with the power of video messaging and the massive reach of YouTube.

Lookalike Segments

Develop dynamic, custom curated collections of YouTube inventory – certified for contextual relevance & brand suitability.

Meaningful Content

Advanced targeting tactics focus campaign spend to the video content that matters, while delivering reporting measures that direct impact of specific content on results.

Delivering Outcomes

Target both long and short form content that reach customers, not audiences.

How it Works

You own your brand and know the most appropriate content for your ads to run against. But it’s another thing to actually get your ads to work the way you intend. VuePlanner is a premier YouTube advertising partner that can help you get the most out of your video ads and more.  VuePlanner has identified 13 pre-vetted custom curated podcast genres that equate to over $29M of premium YouTube Podcast inventory per month.

Identify the Genre.

Select the categories that work best for your brand and let the VuePlanner team translate those into uniquely curated, custom segments that correspond on YouTube.

Maximize Efficiency Through User Friendly Ad Units.

Skippable and non-intrusive, YouTube TrueView ads are only shown to viewers who want to see them.  And as an advertiser, that means you only pay when your ads are shown.

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YouTube TrueVue Skippable Ads
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Who needs YouTube podcast solutions?

    • Audio podcast buyers who are looking to expand unique reach to podcasts recorded for video platforms.
    • Brand marketers who value the alignment of their ad messaging placement with video subject matter. They know that the content their ads appear in front of influence a customer’s perception of their brand.

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