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YouTube advertising agency

Managed services.

As a brand marketer, you’re busy. We get it.

If you’re looking for a YouTube advertising agency, you’re probably either feeling stuck, clueless, frustrated, or simply too busy to manage YouTube advertising alone. Let VuePlanner manage your YouTube campaigns on your behalf so that you can focus on the 99 other things on your to-do list. With over seven years of experience and 5000+ successful campaigns managed to date, you can rest assured—we got this.

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Benefits of VuePlanner Managed Services

Dedicated Team

You’ll get an entire team of experts on call to help you with your campaign, from setup and launch through post campaign insights & reporting.  We will take care of all the details from start to finish, including all aspects of communication with Google on your behalf.

DVIP Attribution

All spend managed by VuePlanner is attributable to your Google Display and Video Incentives Program (DVIP), so you get credit toward your upfront commitments.

Support for all YouTube Ad Formats and Features

From TrueView to Bumpers, Brand Lift Studies to 3rd party Tracking, Sequential Storytelling and Remarketing, VuePlanner works with all your YouTube best practices.

Cost Per Suitable View (CPSV®)

Only pay for views when your ad messaging runs in front of content that contextually aligns with the suitability of your brand.

Transparent Pricing

Upfront, transparent pricing at a fraction of our competitor’s cost.

How it Works


Data Curation & Activation

  • Identifying Phrases
  • Understanding Concepts
  • Proprietary Quality Scoring
  • Forecasting Views, next 30 days
  • Collection Building
  • Campaign & Targeting Setup
  • Tagging & Tracking
  • Competitive CPV Matching

Campaign Flight

Optimization & Recommendations

  • Daily Campaign Monitoring
  • Collection Refreshes
  • Dedicated Account Management

Post Flight

Reporting & Insights

  • In-Flight & Post-Campaign Reporting
  • Google Brand Lift Study Management
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Who needs managed services?

    • Smaller agencies who want to grow their client’s advertising portfolio, but do not have YouTube expertise.
    • Extremely taxed agency teams with too much to juggle, and not enough resources to dedicate to YouTube efforts.

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