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Brand suitability.

Placing video ads that make sense.

Now more than ever, every dollar counts when it comes to media investment. If campaigns don’t deliver a strong ROI, budgets can be cut. Measuring performance based simply on “views” limits the longevity of campaign impact. Brand awareness is great, but brand awareness among qualified audiences is far better. VuePlanner’s sophisticated brand suitability tools can help.

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Benefits of Brand Suitability

Brand Alignment

Targeting specific content segments or steering away from unwanted subject matter that doesn’t align with your brand’s values enables you to safeguard against potentially misaligned subject matter. This can be done prior to a single dollar being spent with review of individual videos.

Maximized Spend

With ad targeting that directs spend only to videos identified as relevant to your brand and message, overall budget allocations to the channel can have much more effective reach.

Improved Metrics & Outcomes

The most impactful advertising campaigns are those that result in attributable actions from target audiences. When you start with a focus on analyzing your campaigns based on CPSV, you enable delivery of downstream metrics throughout the Marketing funnel.

Enhanced User Experience

Alignment of advertising messages to the content a viewer is engaging with supports a consumer-first strategy, designed to supply an immediate response to demonstrated consumer intent on the 2nd largest search engine; reaching the right consumers, in the right environment, at the right time.

How it Works

You own your brand and know the most appropriate content for your ads to run against. But it’s another thing to actually get your ads to work the way you intend. VuePlanner is a premier YouTube advertising partner that can help you get the most out of your video ads and more. Specifically, our contextual targeting solutions focus your campaign budget, ensuring your only pay for brand suitable views.

Hone in on Cost per Suitable View.

During the campaign run, CPV is then replaced by CPSV (Cost Per Suitable View) as you’ve shifted to a strategy that ensures you don’t waste spend on views to subject matter irrelevant or damaging to your brand.

Identify your goals.

Confidently build campaign goals that include review of Cost Per Conversion and Cost Per Qualified Action (CPQA) by optimizing targeting to contextually relevant views. Research shows that consumers are 63% more likely to purchase a product when the ad they see for it is related to the content it appears next to!

Meet customers where they are.

Show your ad where people want to see it. Deliver content curation in an on-demand world. Empower target customers with optimized digital journeys that pull your brand into their chosen experience.

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Who needs brand suitability?

    • Brand marketers who value the alignment of their ad messaging placement with video subject matter. They know that the content their ads appear in front of influence a customer’s perception of their brand.

Do you know where your ads are running?

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