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VuePoints – Winter 2024 – E5

VuePoints / January 19, 2024

Hello from John Cobb, CEO and co-founder of VuePlanner ! I’m thrilled to welcome you to the newest edition of VuePoints. In this issue, we’ll be exploring the outlook for 2024, cookies, AI, and beyond. I’ve gathered premium content from various corners of our industry to provide you with a comprehensive snapshot of the latest developments. Consider this newsletter your go-to source for staying in the loop on all things industry-related.

Advertising Spend Will Bounce Back in 2024

This Marketing Brew article covers how S&P Global Ratings predicts a rebound in advertising spending for 2024, signaling positive growth in the industry. The report suggests an optimistic outlook, indicating a recovery from previous challenges. The anticipated bounce-back is attributed to various factors, contributing to increased confidence in advertising investment. As the industry adapts and evolves, this projection hints at a promising resurgence in advertising expenditures. Learn more.

Will it be Economic Stagnation or the Advent of Productivity-Driven Abundance?

McKinsey & Company‘s article explores the potential economic landscape for 2024 and beyond, posing the question of whether it will be characterized by stagnation or the emergence of productivity-driven abundance. The analysis delves into key factors influencing these scenarios, including technological advancements, policy decisions, and global economic shifts. McKinsey emphasizes the importance of proactive strategies and adaptability for businesses to thrive in this uncertain environment. The article offers insights to help organizations navigate the complexities of the future and capitalize on opportunities for sustained growth. Learn more.

Google Turns Off Cookies for 30 Million Chrome Users

ThisInsider Intelligence article discusses how Google has implemented a significant change by disabling third-party cookies for 30 million Google Chrome users, constituting only 1% of its user base. This move is part of a broader shift towards increased privacy and data protection in online browsing. The article discusses the implications of this decision for digital advertising and the challenges it poses for marketers reliant on cookie-based tracking methods. Learn more.

Digiday’s Definitive, if not Exhaustive, 2024 Google Chrome Third-Party Cookie Deprecation Glossary

This article from Digiday provides a comprehensive glossary for understanding the 2024 Google Chrome third-party cookie deprecation. It covers key terms and concepts related to this significant shift in online advertising and privacy. The glossary serves as a valuable resource for navigating the complexities of the evolving digital marketing landscape. Learn more.

Microsoft Launches New Generative AI Ad Creation Tool

Microsoft has introduced a new generative AI ad creation tool designed to streamline the process of producing effective advertisements. This tool utilizes artificial intelligence to automatically generate ad creatives, saving time and resources for marketers. This Social Media Today, LLC article highlights the potential impact of Microsoft’s AI-powered ad creation tool on enhancing the efficiency and creativity of digital advertising campaigns. Learn more.

Enterprise Brands Are Using The New Tech To Engage Customers

This MediaPost article discusses how enterprise brands are increasingly adopting AI solutions to address challenges and enhance operations. It emphasizes that AI is becoming a transformative tool for enterprises, allowing them to tackle complex issues and improve efficiency. The focus is on how AI technologies are not just solving problems but also enabling brands to innovate and stay competitive. The article provides insights into specific use cases where AI is making a significant impact within enterprise settings. Learn more.

How Generative AI Could Solve the Cookie Deprecation Puzzle in 2024

This article fromMarketing Dive explores the impact of cookie deprecation on marketing strategies and anticipates the rise of generative AI in addressing the challenges posed by this shift. It discusses how marketers are turning to AI-driven solutions to create personalized and targeted content without relying on traditional cookie-based tracking. The prediction is that generative AI will play a crucial role in maintaining effective marketing practices amid the evolving landscape of online privacy regulations. Learn more.

This week’s Post of the Week Spotlight goes to Jeremy Bloom. He recently posted a video interview between him and Scott Hess , CMO of Publicis Media. The discussion covers Scott’s insights on personal growth, DEI, and the transformative power of mentorship, self-awareness, and self-improvement. Check out the post and watch the full interview here.

This week, I have 2 podcasts to share with you. The latest episode of Next in Media with Michael Shields features a discussion with Brian Wieser, CFA, who runs the substack/ad consultancy at Madison and Wall . They talk about the state of the ad market, which is promising strong – but far from universal growth. One sector that needs to change its philosophy and products, says Wieser, is TV, which risks getting left behind by the tech platforms and retail media. Check it out for yourself here.

The second podcast I enjoyed this week was the latest episode of the Tim Ferriss Show. The episode I have liked for you features Chris Beresford-Hill, one of the most sought-after creative leaders in advertising. Chris has led brands with a combined market cap of over $1 trillion. He was recently named Chief Creative Officer of the Americas at BBDO Worldwide. I encourage you to check out the full discussion here.