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VuePoints – Winter 2023 – E3

VuePoints / January 5, 2024

Happy New Year! It’s John Cobb, CEO and co-founder of VuePlanner, thrilled to bring you our latest VuePoints newsletter! This edition is all about diving into the major strides made in AI, third-party cookies, The Big Game, and beyond. I’ve handpicked vital updates from our industry’s dynamic landscape as we kick off the year, ensuring you’re informed about the most recent developments. Trust me, these insights are bound to bring you immense value as we step into the new year!

Third-Party Cookies, Meta’s Platforms and Generative AI Were 2023’s Biggest Trends

The article covers key findings from Digiday‘s research on the prominent trends of 2023. It emphasizes the impact of the demise of third-party cookies, Meta’s platform dominance, and the rising prominence of generative AI. The analysis underscores how these trends reshaped marketing strategies, emphasizing the need for adaptive approaches in a changing landscape. Ultimately, it highlights the critical shifts that have driven transformations across digital marketing spheres in the past year. Learn more.

If 2023 Was The Last Year Of Third-Party Cookies, Did Programmatic Make The Most Of It?

This article from AdExchanger reflects on 2023 as the final year of third-party cookies and examines programmatic advertising’s response to this transition. It explores how the industry adapted strategies, emphasizing contextual targeting and cohort-based approaches amid the evolving privacy landscape. It also questions whether programmatic advertising maximized this pivotal year effectively in light of the impending cookie changes. Learn more.

What 2024 has in Store for Influencer Marketing, According to Experts

This article from Marketing Brew outlines predictions for influencer marketing in 2024, foreseeing increased authenticity demands and a shift toward nano-influencers. It anticipates brands focusing more on long-term partnerships, emphasizing genuine connections over short-lived collaborations for enhanced credibility. Additionally, it emphasizes the potential rise of new social platforms and tools that could reshape the influencer landscape. Learn more.

State Farm went all in on TikTok for the Super Bowl—was it worth it?

This Marketing Brew article dissects State Farm‘s bold move of utilizing TikTok as a primary platform for their Super Bowl marketing, examining the effectiveness and outcomes. It delves into State Farm’s TikTok-exclusive approach, detailing the content strategies and the challenges faced in gauging success on the platform. The article questions the value and impact of this unconventional marketing tactic for a major event like the Super Bowl, ultimately exploring whether the investment was worthwhile. Last year State Farm, went all in on TikTok ads for The Big Game.  VuePlanner have been helping brands on YouTube to share their message on key content and audiences around The Big Game; a strategy that is better on the budget. Read the full Marketing Brew article here.

Creators Pick Their Preferred Short-Form Video Platforms

This Digiday article highlights insights from creators regarding their favored short-form video platforms. It explores the preferences and reasoning behind creators’ choices, delving into factors like audience engagement, platform features, and monetization potential. It showcases varying viewpoints and strategies of creators across platforms like TikTok, Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, and Snapchat Spotlight, shedding light on the nuanced preferences within the creator community. Ultimately, it offers a glimpse into the diverse landscape of short-form video platforms from the perspective of content creators. Learn more.

This week’s post of the week spotlight goes to Alex Baxter. He recently posted about a video discussing how Generative AI is making it easier to analyze data than ever before. The two-and-a-half-minute video is definitely worth a watch. Check it out here.

This week, I have enjoyed listening to the latest episode of the Navigating Sports Business podcast. Phil Knight – Co-Founder & Chairman Emeritus at Nike – joins AJ Maestas for an exciting interview about branding, Oregon football, and their experience working together. I encourage you to listen for yourself here.