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VuePoints – Winter 2023 – E2

VuePoints / January 2, 2024

Hey there, ready to ring in the New Year with some exciting updates? I’m John Cobb CEO at VuePlanner , and I’m thrilled to kick off the year with our latest VuePoints newsletter! In this special edition, let’s explore the remarkable advancements that have unfolded in the world of AI, 2024 predictions, and leadership, setting the stage for an innovative year ahead. I’ve handpicked pivotal updates from our ever-evolving industry, ensuring you’re in sync with the freshest trends as we step into the new year. These insights are poised to illuminate your path forward in 2024!

The Road to CES 2024

MediaLink recently hosted “The Road to CES 2024,” a compelling event highlighting the anticipated technological advancements and trends expected at CES 2024. The conference aimed to offer insights into the future of consumer electronics, emphasizing key areas such as AI, connectivity, and sustainability in tech innovations. Industry leaders and experts converged to discuss the evolving landscape, providing a glimpse into what’s on the horizon for the upcoming CES event, setting the stage for groundbreaking developments in the tech world. Learn more.

Agencies Are Tackling Generative AI, but With a Little Help

Agencies are increasingly exploring generative AI, using it to create innovative content and solutions. However, many agencies are seeking external expertise and partnerships to fully leverage the potential of this technology due to its complexity. This Marketing Brew articles covers how collaborations and partnerships are becoming common as agencies aim to harness generative AI’s power effectively for their marketing and creative endeavors. Learn more.

An Anticipated Wave of AI Specialist Jobs Has Yet to Arrive

This article from The Wall Street Journal talks about how despite high expectations, the surge in AI-related job opportunities has not materialized as anticipated. Many companies haven’t seen the forecasted demand for specialized AI roles due to various factors, including challenges in finding skilled candidates and uncertainties in AI’s practical applications. This discrepancy between expectations and actual job growth in the AI field suggests a more gradual evolution in employment trends related to artificial intelligence. Learn more.

Agencies Won’t Own the AI Future – But They Can be Essential to It

The future of AI doesn’t necessarily belong solely to agencies, but they can play an indispensable role in its development and application. This articles from The Drum discusses how agencies can be crucial by providing essential expertise, creative input, and strategic guidance in harnessing AI’s potential across various industries. While they might not solely control the AI landscape, agencies can significantly contribute to its evolution and adoption through their unique skill sets and perspectives. Learn more.

The Post-Pandemic Leadership Skill That Matters Most

This Chief Executive Group article discusses how the post-pandemic leadership landscape prioritizes adaptability as the paramount skill for executives. Leaders who can swiftly adapt to changing circumstances and foster organizational agility are poised for success in the dynamic post-pandemic world. This adaptability encompasses the ability to pivot strategies, embrace innovation, and lead teams through uncertainty, setting the tone for resilient and forward-thinking businesses. Executives who cultivate and demonstrate adaptability are better positioned to navigate the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Learn more.

The 3 Ms of Marketing

The article from Fast Company outlines the “3 Ms” framework for successful marketing: mindset, message, and medium. It emphasizes the importance of cultivating a growth mindset, crafting compelling messages that resonate with the audience, and choosing the appropriate mediums to deliver those messages effectively. By focusing on these three elements, marketers can build impactful campaigns and strategies in today’s diverse and evolving landscape. Learn more.

Adland Execs Pick 2023’s Standout Spots and Trends

The article from The Drum highlights standout advertising campaigns and trends from 2023, showcasing some of the year’s most memorable and impactful ads. Adland executives lauded several campaigns, citing creativity, innovation, and inclusivity as key themes. They recognized standout spots that engaged audiences through authenticity, storytelling, and forward-thinking approaches, reflecting the evolving landscape of advertising in 2023. Learn more.

This week I have been enjoying The Current Report podcast. The episode I have linked in actually the final episode of 2023. The hosts ask marketers their thoughts on one of the hottest topics in the advertising world – streaming. Strategus Joel Cox join them this episode to discuss their main insights in streaming, from live sports to Amazon launching an ad plan for Prime Video, joining several other streaming platforms like Netflix, Disney+ and Max who have done so. Give it a listen here.

This week’s post of the week spotlight goes to YouTube Advertisers with their post about Video Reach Campaigns. They have shared a short and informative video about VRC’s reach. VRCs simplify campaign setup and strengthen results across multiple formats. Check it out for yourself here.

The holidays aren’t over yet, so I have a bit more holiday bonus content for you. This link will take you to a article about the origin of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Did you know he started as a marketing gimmick? Who knew he would turn into a beloved holiday character. Learn about this powerful transition here.