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VuePoints – Summer 2023 – E7

VuePoints / August 4, 2023

Greetings! I’m John Cobb, the CEO and Co-Founder of VuePlanner. Delighted to extend an invitation to you for a weekly summary of remarkable #AdTech, #AI, and #advertising news sourced from various channels. Stay effortlessly informed with our concise insights, simplifying your navigation through our dynamic world. My mission is to establish a valuable resource to keep you up-to-date.

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What a Slowdown in Spending Means for Ad Companies

In this The Wall Street Journal article, Megan Graham discusses the implications of reduced spending by certain marketers on ad holding companies. As businesses adjust their advertising budgets due to economic uncertainties and changing market conditions, ad holding companies are experiencing slower growth. This slowdown is impacting their revenues and #profitability. The article highlights the challenges faced by ad holding companies in maintaining their financial performance amidst the fluctuations in marketing spending by some clients. Learn more. 

Ad Slowdown Inspires Hope

Seb Joseph wrote this Digiday article to discuss the state of the advertising industry and the perception of an ad slowdown. Contrary to expectations, the advertising industry is showing signs of resilience, with some sectors even experiencing growth. #DigitalAdvertising, in particular, has been performing well, attributing its success to increased consumer activity online. While challenges persist, there is a sense of optimism within the industry due to the adaptability of advertisers and the potential for recovery in the post-pandemic era. Learn more.

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Strikes Affect TV Ad Industry

The article from Marketing Brew discusses the impact of strikes in Hollywood on the TV ad industry. Kelsey Sutton writes about as labor disputes halt various Hollywood projects, advertisers are facing challenges in securing ad slots during popular TV shows, leading to potential revenue losses. The strikes are putting the TV ad industry at risk due to uncertainties surrounding the availability of premium advertising opportunities. Advertisers are closely monitoring the situation and seeking alternative strategies to mitigate the effects of the strikes on their campaigns. Learn more.

CTV Trends to Watch for in 2024

You may have seen an article from the ANA article that we reposted this week highlighting upcoming #CTV trends. Larisa Bedgood highlights the growing importance of CTV advertising as it continues to gain popularity among consumers. The article also explores the key challenges and opportunities that advertisers may encounter in the evolving landscape of CTV marketing. Learn more. 

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Publicis’ Profitero Debuts New GPT-Powered Chatbot

This Digiday article by Marty Swant covers the debut of a new GPT-powered chatbot by Profitero, designed to analyze e-commerce data. The #chatbotutilizes #GPT technology to process and extract insights from vast amounts of e-commerce data quickly. Profitero aims to provide brands and retailers with a more efficient way to access and interpret crucial e-commerce data, helping them make informed decisions and optimize their online strategies. The GPT-powered chatbot is expected to enhance data analysis and drive better business outcomes in the highly competitive e-commerce landscape. Learn more.

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Hollywood’s Pain is YouTube’s Gain

This article from The Information discusses how Hollywood’s struggles have benefitted YouTube‘s advertising. As labor disputes halt some Hollywood projects, advertisers are turning to YouTube as a reliable alternative platform to reach their audiences. Sahil Patel writes about how advertisers find YouTube’s vast and diverse user base attractive, especially during the uncertainty surrounding traditional TV ad placements. YouTube’s advertising gains are a result of its ability to offer a flexible and accessible ad platform, attracting advertisers from the entertainment industry and beyond. As the digital advertising landscape evolves, YouTube continues to capitalize on the shifting trends, showcasing its resilience and potential for continued growth. Learn more. 

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The Facts of Podcast Performance Marketing

This AdExchanger article from Hana Yoo discusses the transparency and challenges in #podcast performance marketing. It delves into the importance of accurately measuring podcast advertising success and highlights the discrepancies that exist in podcast attribution metrics. The article emphasizes the need for podcast publishers and advertisers to be more candid about their data sources and methodologies to establish trust and foster better decision-making in the industry. By addressing these issues, the podcast advertising space can unlock its full potential and drive greater value for both advertisers and publishers. Learn more. 

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This week, I have another episode of #NextinMedia with Mike Shields to recommend. This episode features James Rooke, president of ComcastAdvertising and they discuss what is fueling frustration among TV buyers and sellers, from the lack of uniform metrics, to walled gardens, to what he sees are a series of double standards between how traditional media and tech companies get graded. I encourage you to give it a listen for yourself. 

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And the Post of the Week this week comes from Publicis Media. They took some time this week to recognize Veronica Appleton, Ph.D. as their new SVP, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion. Be sure to check out the post and follow her success. 

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