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VuePoints Summer 2023- E4

VuePoints / July 14, 2023

Hello! My name is John Cobb, and I’m the CEO and Co-Founder of VuePlanner. I want to take a moment to give you a weekly overview of important content concerning #AdTech, #AI, and the advertising ecosystem. This newsletter aims to provide you with concise insights from different industry sources, making it effortless for you to stay informed amidst the fast-paced changes in our field. My goal is for this resource to be valuable to you and help simplify the process of staying up to date in our ever-evolving world.

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Hyundai Shifting Gears to Digital

#Hyundai has recently made a strategic shift towards digital video advertising, as reported by Alyssa Boyle for AdExchanger. The automotive company aims to leverage the power of digital platforms to connect with their target audience effectively. By embracing digital video, Hyundai intends to optimize its advertising efforts and enhance #brandvisibility. This move reflects the growing importance of digital channels in the automotive industry’s marketing strategies. Learn more. 

Rethinking you Ad Strategy

This article from Cort Irish discusses the importance of reevaluating TV advertising strategies in the modern landscape, as featured on Advertising Week. It suggests that marketers should consider adjusting their approach to adapt to evolving consumer behaviors and technological advancements. With the rise of streaming services and digital platforms, traditional #TVadvertising may need to be supplemented or transformed. The article encourages marketers to explore new avenues such as connected TV and addressable advertising to reach and engage audiences more effectively. By rethinking TV advertising strategies, brands can stay relevant and maximize their impact in the changing media landscape. Learn more.


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Wendy’s is on Threads

The article featured on PRWeek highlights how fast food chain Wendy’s successfully capitalized on a social media trend. Diana Bradley write about how the brand quickly embraced the viral “dress challenge” by creating engaging content related to it. Wendy’s joined in by showcasing its different menu items as “dressed” in various outfits, capturing the attention of online users. This #agileand creative approach allowed Wendy’s to tap into the trending conversation and generate positive brand exposure. By effectively leveraging social media trends, Wendy’s demonstrated its ability to stay relevant and engage with its audience in a timely manner. Learn more. 

Threads App Reaching 100MM DAU

This article on Mobile Dev Memo written by Eric Seufert discusses the potential of Meta’s #Threads app to reach 100 million daily active users (DAU) in the current quarter. The author analyzes the growth trajectory of Threads, a messaging app developed by #Meta (formerly Facebook), and highlights its increasing popularity among younger users. The article examines the factors contributing to Threads’ potential success, including its integration with Instagramand its focus on private messaging and close friends’ connections. With its unique features and growing user base, Threads has the potential to achieve significant #DAU numbers in the near future, cementing its position as a prominent messaging app. Learn more. 

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Chat GPT Expected to Grow 900%

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According to an article on MediaPost, ChatGPT, an AI-powered #chatbot, is projected to experience a nearly 900% growth in usage in 2023. The forecast suggests that the increased adoption of chatbot technology will be driven by its ability to provide efficient customer service and support across various industries. As businesses seek to enhance their customer interactions and streamline processes, ChatGPT is expected to play a significant role in meeting these demands and transforming the way organizations engage with their customers. Learn more. 

IPG Joins Partnership on AI

This Campaign US article written by Jessica Heygate discusses that Interpublic Group (IPG), a global advertising agency, has joined forces with AI.BANG to prioritize #brandsafety and human creativity. The partnership aims to utilize AI-powered technologies to enhance brand safety measures and ensure advertising content aligns with ethical and creative standards. By leveraging AI, IPG intends to strike a balance between automation and human creativity, fostering a safer and more engaging advertising ecosystem. Learn more. 

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How to Boost Your YouTube Content

Tamilore O.’s article on Buffer discusses the YouTube algorithm and its impact on video content creators. It explores the key factors that influence how YouTube ranks and recommends videos to users. The algorithm takes into account metrics like #watchtime, #engagement, and #relevancy to determine the visibility and reach of a video. The article also provides insights into strategies that content creators can employ to optimize their videos for the YouTube algorithm, such as creating engaging and valuable content, optimizing video #metadata, and leveraging YouTube analytics. By understanding and adapting to the YouTube algorithm, creators can increase their chances of reaching a wider audience and growing their channel. Learn more. 

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Alex Cooper’s ‘Call Her Daddy’ Podcast

According to Jem Aswad’s article on Variety, the “Call Her Daddy” podcast hosted by Alex Cooper experienced a significant surge in streams after a recent guest appearance by singer #Anitta. The episode featuring Anitta attracted a large audience and generated a considerable increase in streaming numbers for the podcast. This highlights the influence and appeal of high-profile guests in driving engagement and expanding the reach of popular #podcasts. Learn more.

Let’s Talk about Brand Podcast

The article on Adweek explores the significance of brand podcasts and their role in branding and influencer marketing. Christine Gritmon emphasizes the power of podcasts in facilitating brand conversations and connecting with audiences on a deeper level. By incorporating #influencers as hosts or guests, brands can enhance their reach and credibility while leveraging the influencer’s existing audience. The article emphasizes the importance of authentic #storytelling and creating valuable content to establish a strong brand presence in the podcasting space. Learn more. 


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I’ve got a great podcast recommendation for you this week. In this episode of Cold Call, Harvard Business School professor and faculty co-chair of the Managing the Future of Work Project William Kerr and Patrick Hull, Unilever’s vice president of global learning and future of work, discuss how rapid advances in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and automation are changing the nature of work in the case. Listen to How Unilever is Prepareing for the Future of Work for yourself here.

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It’s double the fun with this week’s post of the week. I have two very exciting posts to share with you.

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The first post comes from Andy Plesser, the Founder and CEO of Beet.TV. Last week he posted a short video of him catching up with Lisa Giacosa from Publicis’s Spark FoundryI encourage you all to check out Andy’s post and watch the short video. 

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Our second post comes from the Spark Foundry page. Just yesterday, a few members of our team stopped by the Spark offices in New York City to mingle with some connections, bring breakfast, and offer a pop-up headshot studio. It was a hit! Check out some of the photos in Spark Foundry’s post here.