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VuePoints – Summer 2023 – E12

VuePoints / September 8, 2023

Hello! I’m John Cobb, one of the founders and the CEO of VuePlanner. I’m thrilled to take a moment to introduce you to our weekly digest of significant updates in the fields of #AdTech, #AI, and #advertising. In this newsletter, my goal is to offer you concise, carefully selected industry highlights from the past week. I hope you find this resource valuable in staying informed in our ever-changing landscape.

Stairway to Digital Excellence

This McKinsey & Company article outlines a structured approach to achieving #digitalexcellence, emphasizing improvements in effectiveness, #productivity, #performance, and speed for organizations. Extensive research involving over 1,700 teams across 75 global organizations identified 48 practices within 19 capabilities that drive digital delivery performance. It underscores that there is no one-size-fits-all approach, with a focus on investments in technology, automation, and fostering a customer-centric culture. The final stages involve mindset and structural shifts, including leadership trust, clear communication, and transitioning to an agile funding model. Organizations that successfully navigate this journey can expect incremental improvements in effectiveness, productivity, quality, and speed. Learn more.

We Need to Talk about Chat GPT

This recent article from London Business School discusses the growing influence of ChatGPT, an AI-powered chatbot, and its impact on online conversations. It highlights concerns about the potential misuse of AI #chatbots, particularly in spreading misinformation and harmful content. The article suggests that there is a need for transparency and regulation in AI chatbot development to ensure ethical use. It also emphasizes the importance of education and awareness among users to navigate AI-driven conversations responsibly. Learn more.

Programmatic CTV Still Has A Lot Of Growing Up To Do

This AdExchanger article published earlier this week discusses the state of programmatic connected TV (#CTV) advertising and highlights that it still faces challenges and room for growth. Alyssa Boyle points out that CTV advertising has grown rapidly but is not yet as mature as other digital advertising channels. The article identifies issues like fragmentation, measurement discrepancies, and the need for standardized metrics as hurdles that need to be addressed for CTV to reach its full potential. It emphasizes that while CTV offers immense opportunities, advertisers and industry players need to work together to resolve these issues and ensure the continued growth and success of programmatic CTV advertising. Learn more.

 The Marketer’s Guide to IP Addresses in Connected TV

Alyssa Boyle is rocking it with the articles this week. I have a second one from her to share. This AdExchanger article. serves as a guide for marketers on understanding the significance of IP addresses in connected TV (CTV) advertising. It explains how IP addresses are essential for targeting specific households and delivering personalized CTV ads. The article discusses the challenges of effectively leveraging IP addresses, such as privacy concerns and device proliferation. It also emphasizes the importance of using data responsibly and maintaining transparency to ensure successful CTV advertising campaigns while respecting user privacy. Learn more.

Connected TV and Social Platforms Remain Resilient With Advertisers

This Marketing Brew article written by Kelsey Sutton n article discusses the resilience of connected TV (CTV) and social media platforms in the face of changing advertising trends. It highlights that despite shifts in the advertising landscape, CTV and social platforms continue to attract advertisers’ attention and investments. The article attributes this resilience to the effectiveness of CTV in reaching engaged audiences and the robust targeting options provided by social media platforms. It also mentions that these platforms are adapting to evolving privacy regulations, ensuring advertisers can navigate these changes effectively while maintaining their advertising presence. Learn more.

Mid, Single Digit Growth is Back 

Seb Joseph’s article for Digiday discusses the current state of advertising spending, noting that mid-single-digit growth has become the new normal in the industry. It suggests that this growth rate is reminiscent of pre-pandemic levels and indicates a return to a more stable advertising landscape. The article attributes this trend to a variety of factors, including the continued impact of digital advertising, the recovery of traditional media channels, and the adaptation of brands to a post-pandemic world. It emphasizes that while the growth rate may be more modest, advertisers are finding stability and a sense of normalcy in their spending patterns. Learn more.

 Brian Wieser Predicts Stable Growth For The US Ad Market

In this AdExchanger article, Brian Wieser, CFA, the global president of business intelligence at GroupM, predicts slow but steady growth for the U.S. advertising market. He anticipates that while the industry will generally see growth, there may be instances of “death spirals” affecting certain players. Allison Schiff writes that these “death spirals” refer to a combination of challenges, including high debt loads and declining revenues, that could lead to significant disruptions for some companies. Wieser emphasizes the importance of balancing growth with fiscal responsibility in a rapidly evolving #advertisinglandscape. Overall, he expects a cautious approach to investment and expansion within the industry. Learn more.


How to Combat “Made for Advertising” Sites

This recent article from the ANA (Association of National Advertisers) discusses the importance of transparency in #programmatic advertising. It highlights the ongoing challenges and concerns advertisers face when it comes to transparency in programmatic campaigns, including issues related to data usage, brand safety, and supply chain transparency. Ali Manning emphasizes that advertisers need to actively seek transparency from their partners and demand clearer accountability in the programmatic ecosystem. It also suggests that adopting industry standards and best practices can help improve transparency and trust in programmatic advertising. Overall, the article underscores the need for advertisers to prioritize transparency as a fundamental aspect of their programmatic strategies. Learn more.

This week’s Post of the Week spotlights goes to Yan Liu , CEO and founder of TVision . In a post he made today, Liu writes about how his company has a unique capability to look into each viewer’s session. Their data suggests that after a viewer enjoys some top CTV apps such as YouTube , Prime Video & Amazon Studios , and Netflix, close to 90% of viewers will just end the viewing session and turn off the TV. Liu shared some interested graphs to help tell this story. I urge you to take a look at them here.

I have been enjoying listening to the Shiny New Object Podcast. Episode 225 features AT&T’s Zach Doty y and discusses how creating a strong marketing team goes beyond specializing in one field. In fact, Zach tells listeners why the popular talent development concept of T-shaped talent is ineffective. Instead, Zach advocates for becoming Pi-shaped and surrounding yourself with people who are, too. Find out what that means, hear some top marketing and SEO tips, and learn about Zach’s career progression in the podcast found here.