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VuePoints – Summer 2023 – E11

VuePoints / September 5, 2023

Hey There! I’m John Cobb , one of the creators and the CEO of VuePlanner ner. I’m delighted to set aside a moment to present you with a weekly summary of noteworthy developments in the realms of #AdTech, #AI, and #advertising. Within this newsletter, my intention is to provide you with easily digestible segments of pertinent industry material that has been curated and circulated throughout each week. It is my aspiration that this resource proves valuable to you, facilitating your efforts to remain well-informed in our constantly evolving landscape.

How AI Helps Video Marketers Move at the Speed of Culture

This Think with Google article written by Anne Marie N. discusses the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into video marketing strategies. It highlights the growing importance of AI in creating personalized and engaging #videocontent. The article emphasizes how AI can enhance targeting and measurement capabilities, leading to more effective campaigns. It also touches on the use of AI-powered tools to analyze and optimize #videoperformance for better results. Learn more.

YouTube Explains How Shorts Algorithm Works

Matt G. Southern’s article from Search Engine Journal provides insights into how YouTube’s #Shorts algorithm operates. It discusses how the algorithm determines which Shorts to display to users, focusing on factors like user engagement and video quality. The article offers valuable information for content creators aiming to optimize their Shorts for better visibility and engagement on the platform. Learn more.

YouTube is the Most resonate Brand Among Gen Z

MediaPost ’s article by Steve McClellan discusses the findings of the “Cultural Resonance 2023” study by TMA (The Marketing Arm). According to the study, Amazon ranks as the brand with the highest cultural resonance among consumers. TMA’s research measures factors such as #authenticity, relevance, and #socialresponsibility to determine a brand’s cultural impact. The article highlights Amazon’s strong performance in these areas and its ability to connect with consumers on a cultural level. Learn more.

How To Hire When Remote Is Here For Good

This Chief Executive Group article written by David Dodson provides guidance on hiring practices in a #remotework environment that’s becoming a permanent fixture. It discusses the importance of reevaluating hiring strategies to suit remote work and suggests that companies should focus on assessing candidates’ adaptability and communication skills. The article also emphasizes the significance of transparent communication about remote work policies and the company’s overall direction. It touches on the use of technology to streamline virtual hiring processes while ensuring a strong company culture and team cohesion. Learn more.

Can AI Enhance Leadership?

Susan Fowlers’s article published for SmartBrief explores the potential for artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance #leadership practices. It delves into how AI can aid leaders in decision-making by providing data-driven insights and predictions. The article also discusses the role of AI in augmenting leadership development through personalized learning and feedback mechanisms. It highlights the need for a balanced approach, where AI complements human intuition and empathy, and emphasizes that effective AI integration requires a clear understanding of #organizationalgoals and #ethicalconsiderations. Learn more.

VAB Complaints About Measuring Amazon’s ‘Thursday Night Football’ Are ‘Misleading and Inaccurate’

This NextTV article reports on Nielsen’s response to complaints from the Video Advertising Bureau (VAB) regarding the measurement of Amazon’s #ThursdayNightFootball viewership. Nielsen n dismisses the VAB’s claims of “misleading and inaccurate” measurements, asserting the accuracy of its methodology and the integrity of its data collection. The article highlights Nielsen’s stance that its measurement process adheres to industry standards and aims to provide accurate insights into viewership metrics. Learn more.

New Podcast Studies Showing Growth in Ad Spend

This Digiday article written by Sara Guaglione discusses a new #podcast exploring recent studies indicating a rise in advertising spending and listener engagement, suggesting that the podcasting industry’s growth remains intact. The podcast delves into the idea that despite concerns of a potential bubble burst, evidence of increased ad spending and sustained listener interest is challenging this notion. The article highlights the podcast’s focus on data-driven insights and expert interviews to paint a positive picture of the podcasting landscape, countering fears of an imminent decline. It emphasizes the ongoing potential for expansion within the podcasting realm. Learn more.

Publicis Is The Retailer’s Retailer

This AdExchanger r article features an interview with Publicis’ Chief Commerce Strategy Officer, Jason Goldberg where they discuss the emergence as a pivotal player in the retail sector. Publicis Media, traditionally an advertising firm, has transformed into a crucial partner for retailers by providing data-driven services that enhance customer experiences. The article highlights Publicis’ focus on leveraging data and technology to offer retailers personalized solutions for their marketing and sales strategies. It underscores Publicis’ evolution into a valuable resource for retailers aiming to navigate the complex landscape of modern commerce. (Also, you will learn more about Jason later on in this newsletter.) Read more.

This week I have three special posts from LinkedIn that I want to share with you all. First up is a recent post from Charlie Romano , Associate Director of Solution Enablement at Publicis Media . His post discusses how unique this industry can be and the impact it can have on professionals in the space. This post already has great engagement and I encourage you to go check it out for yourself.

 The second shout out goes to Marta Martinez , Managing Director of Agency Platforms at Google e. She recently gave the welcome address at this year’s Association of National Advertisers ’ Data, Analytics, and Measurements Conference. She discusses her experience as this event and the connections she made. Check it out here.

And this week’s final Post of the Week spotlight goes to Scott Marsden , President of Media and Analytics at Quigley-Simpson. Scott also participated at the ANA conference this week and he shared a video about the panel he participated in. Check out the post here.

The featured podcast this week comes from The Jason & Scot Show. Jason “Retailgeek” Goldberg from Publicis & 🐧 Scot Wingo from Spiffy — On-Demand Car Care have come together to create a great podcast discussing e-commerce and retail news. I encourage you to check out their latest episode on Instacart IPO filing. Give it a listen here.