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VuePoints – Spring 2024 – E3

VuePoints / April 5, 2024

Hello! I’m John Cobb, CEO and co-founder at VuePlanner . Delighted to present our newest VuePoints Newsletter! Within its pages, we explore topics ranging from leadership to Google shopping, AI, YouTube, and beyond. Brimming with invaluable industry insights, it offers a comprehensive overview of recent developments. Consider it your essential companion for staying informed. Enjoy your read!

How Streamers Are Fighting The Plight Of Shrinking TV Ad Inventory

This article from AdExchanger discusses how streaming platforms are addressing the challenge of diminishing TV ad inventory. With more viewers shifting towards streaming services, traditional TV ad space is decreasing. To combat this, streaming platforms are experimenting with various solutions, such as ad insertion technologies and partnerships with measurement firms. These efforts aim to provide advertisers with effective ways to reach audiences amidst the changing landscape of television consumption. Learn more.

The Common Dilemma: Strategy vs. Execution in Marketing

Mark Donnigan, Virtual CMO and Go-to-Market Engineer for Tech Startups, has posted a great article on LinkedIn. His latest article delves into the common dilemma faced by marketers: strategy versus execution. It emphasizes the importance of both aspects in achieving marketing success. By striking a balance between strategic planning and effective execution, marketers can maximize their impact and drive tangible results in their campaigns. Learn more.

How GenAI Is Shaping Advertising—and Brands’ Approach to It

This article from Insider Intelligencediscusses the role of artificial intelligence in advertising, specifically focusing on its potential to enhance targeting, personalization, and optimization of ad campaigns. It highlights how AI-powered technologies enable advertisers to analyze vast amounts of data to identify consumer trends and preferences, leading to more effective and efficient advertising strategies. By harnessing AI, advertisers can improve audience engagement and ultimately drive higher returns on their advertising investments. Learn more.

Unraveling the AI Dilemma in Media Agencies: Cost Savings or Revenue Shake-Up?

This Digiday article explores the dilemma faced by media agencies regarding the implementation of AI: whether to prioritize cost savings or embrace AI for revenue growth opportunities. While AI offers potential cost-saving benefits through automation, some agencies are hesitant due to concerns about job displacement and the complexity of integrating AI systems. However, there is also recognition that embracing AI could lead to new revenue streams by enabling agencies to offer more sophisticated services and solutions to clients. Learn more.

New Google Shopping Features Aim To Improve Online Shopping Experience

This next article is from Forbes and discusses new features introduced by Google Shopping aimed at enhancing the online shopping experience. These features include augmented reality (AR) try-on capabilities, visual search enhancements, and improved integration with YouTube and Google Maps. Google’s initiatives aim to provide shoppers with more immersive and personalized experiences, leveraging technologies like AR to enable virtual product try-ons and integrating shopping functionalities across its platforms for a seamless user journey. These enhancements underscore Google’s commitment to innovation in e-commerce and its efforts to empower both retailers and consumers in the digital shopping landscape. Learn more.

Why Performance Marketers are Shifting Their Priorities to Build the Brand

I’ve got one more Digiday article for you. This one discusses a shift in priorities among performance marketers towards building brand awareness and equity. Rather than solely focusing on immediate conversions, marketers are recognizing the importance of long-term brand building for sustained success. This shift reflects an understanding that in a competitive landscape for consumer attention, investing in brand recognition and engagement can lead to stronger relationships with customers and ultimately drive more sustainable business growth. Learn more.

The Most Effective Types of Content on Social Media in 2024

This blog post from HubSpot examines the relationship between content creation and social media popularity. It highlights that while creating engaging content is crucial, success on social media platforms also depends on factors like timing, platform algorithms, and audience preferences. By understanding these dynamics and consistently delivering valuable content, businesses can increase their social media presence and engage effectively with their audience. Learn more.

This week, I have two posts I want to spotlight this week. The first one is from Jeremy Bloom. He posted a video clip from his latest 🌞☕️ episode, featuring VuePlanner’s own Scott Schiller ! Scott is joining the OhHello tribe simply because he sees the joy, passion, and FUN that we’re creating. I encourage you to check out the video here:

The second Post of the Week spotlight goes to MediaPost with their latest post featureing Joe Marchese . They use their post to announce that Joe will be speaking at MediaPost‘s Outfront Forum and will be talking about Upfronts 2029-2030. Check out the post here:[…]397207179264-geyH?utm_source=share&utm_medium=member_desktop

New Section Alert!!! That’s right! I’m thrilled to introduce a new section of our newsletter, spotlighting the evolving landscape of job titles and career positions within our industry.

Yale Cohen , former executive at Publicis Media , is now the global brand safety lead at X

Jay Askinasi is now the Head of Global Media Revenue & Growth at Roku! –[…]pdate%3A%28V2%2Curn%3Ali%3Aactivity%3A7181633783694000130%29

Diana Bernstein is now the Managing Partner, Partnerships at Havas Media Network![…]pdate%3A%28V2%2Curn%3Ali%3Aactivity%3A7181658172871331840%29

This week I wanted to share the latest episode of The Daily Bolster podcast featuring Chris Epple , VP of Marketing at Harmon International. Tune in as Matt interviews Chris about how marketing is changing with Gen Z. Personalization is key. Timing is everything. Authenticity and transparency matter. Matt and Chris also discuss how companies will transform if they want to reach Gen Z as they come of age and enter the workforce. Don’t miss the episode!