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VuePoints – Winter 2024 – E12

VuePoints / March 15, 2024

Hey there! I’m John Cobb , CEO and co-founder of VuePlanner , and I’m feeling the luck o’ the Irish as I introduce the latest edition of our VuePoints Newsletter! Inside, we’re not just chasing rainbows—we’re diving deep into the pot of gold that is YouTube, the marketing funnel, podcasts and more. It’s a treasure trove of top-notch industry insights, curated just for you, to keep you in the loop.

YouTube is Revamping its TV App to Make Videos Feel Way More Interactive

YouTube TV has rolled out a redesigned app interface, focusing on improved navigation and personalized recommendations. The update includes a shift towards a more streamlined layout, with sections dedicated to categories like “For You” and “Live.” This article from The Verge discusses how users can now access comments and shop for products featured in videos directly within the app. This redesign aims to enhance the user experience and make it easier for viewers to engage with content and make purchases seamlessly. Learn more here:

IAB Finds Signal Loss Driving Higher Ad Cost, Shift To Contextual

The IAB has found that signal loss, particularly in the realm of consumer tracking and data collection, is driving up advertising costs. This article from MediaPost covers how this phenomenon is largely attributed to the impact of privacy regulations and changes in consumer behavior. As a result, advertisers are shifting their strategies towards contextual targeting and first-party data utilization to maintain effectiveness. The report suggests that this shift is leading to higher ad costs and reduced efficiency for advertisers. Overall, the findings highlight the ongoing challenges faced by advertisers in navigating the evolving landscape of digital advertising. Learn more here:

How the Fractional CMO of Ithaca Hummus Sets the Brand’s Creative Vision

This Marketing Brew article discusses how the fractional CMO of Ithaca Hummus is instrumental in shaping the brand’s creative vision. By leveraging his expertise and experience, he has introduced innovative marketing strategies to enhance brand identity and engagement. His approach involves collaborating closely with internal teams and external partners to execute campaigns that resonate with consumers. Through this hands-on involvement, the fractional CMO has successfully positioned Ithaca Hummus as a distinctive and appealing brand in the competitive market. Learn more here:

Shopping Has Transformed. It’s Time For The Marketing Funnel To Catch Up

The traditional marketing funnel needs to evolve to accommodate the transformation in shopping behavior. Consumers now engage in nonlinear paths to purchase, driven by digital channels and instant access to information. This AdExchanger article discusses how marketers must adopt a more dynamic approach that aligns with the fragmented nature of the modern shopping journey. This entails leveraging data-driven insights to personalize messaging and experiences across multiple touchpoints, ultimately enhancing customer engagement and conversion rates. Learn more here:

This week’s I want to test out a new segment for this newsletter – the Substack of the Week. This week’s award goes toEvan Shapīro. This recent post explores SXSW and the concept of “productive discomfort” as a means of personal growth and development. By embracing challenges and discomfort, individuals can cultivate resilience, adaptability, and ultimately, achieve greater fulfillment. The author encourages readers to lean into discomfort as a catalyst for positive change and self-improvement. Check it out here.

This Post of the Week spotlight goes toBolster . Their recent post features and video interview with Josh Silverman, CEO of Etsy, shares his top tips for maximizing productivity and time. I encourage you to watch for yourself here:

This week, I have been enjoying the latest episode of the Corporate Competitor Podcast. In the episode I have linked, Pro Football Hall of Famer Deion Sanders, affectionately known today as Coach Prime, talks about controlling your own destiny one good day at a time. Give it a listen.