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VuePoints – Spring 2024 – E2

VuePoints / March 29, 2024

Hello! I’m John Cobb CEO and co-founder of VuePlanner . I’m thrilled to present the newest edition of the VuePoints Newsletter! In this issue, we explore topics like CTV, AI, YouTube, and beyond, delivering top-tier industry insights to keep you fully informed about recent developments. Consider it your go-to resource for staying updated. Enjoy the read!

OpenAi’s Sora Could Create A New Era For Video Marketing

This EMARKETER article by Sara Lebow discusses OpenAI‘s Sora, a new AI tool capable of generating realistic video content, potentially revolutionizing video marketing. Sora’s ability to create lifelike videos quickly could enhance marketing strategies but may also lead to content saturation on platforms like YouTube and TikTok. Marketers are excited about Sora’s potential to streamline content creation and improve engagement, but concerns exist about its impact on content authenticity and the potential for oversaturation. Sora’s development underscores the ongoing evolution of AI in marketing and the need for careful consideration of its implications for content creation and consumption. Learn more.

How Media Agencies Are Shifting Toward Generative AI Content In Influencer Marketing

This Digiday article explores the growing trend among agencies to adopt generative AI content in influencer marketing campaigns. Antoinette S. write about how this shift is driven by the desire for scalability, cost-effectiveness, and the ability to maintain brand consistency. While some agencies have embraced AI-generated content, others remain cautious due to concerns about authenticity and human connection. The discussion highlights the ongoing evolution of influencer marketing strategies and the role of AI in reshaping campaign approaches. Learn more.

Designing A Richer YouTube Experience For Your Tvs

This YouTube blog post discusses YouTube’s efforts to enhance the viewing experience on TV screens. It outlines updates to the YouTube app for smart TVs and streaming devices, aiming to provide a more intuitive and engaging interface. Joe Hines, Senior Designer, and Aishwarya Agarwal , Product Manager, write about these improvements include a redesigned home screen, simplified navigation, and better integration with features like autoplay and video queuing. The enhancements are designed to offer users a more seamless and enjoyable experience when accessing YouTube content on their TVs. Learn more.

CTV Ad Frequency Soars 80% In 2 Years

This MediaPost report highlighted in the article reveals a significant increase in connected TV (CTV) ad frequency over the past two years, rising by 80%. This surge reflects advertisers’ growing investment in CTV platforms to reach audiences as traditional TV viewership declines. The data underscores the increasing importance of CTV advertising and its effectiveness in reaching consumers in an evolving media landscape. Learn more.

US CTV Ad Spend Expected To Surpass $20B In 2024

This article from StreamTV Insider discusses projections indicating that US connected TV (CTV) ad spending is expected to exceed $20 billion by 2024. This significant growth is attributed to the increasing shift in ad budgets from traditional TV to CTV platforms. Factors such as the expansion of streaming services, improved targeting capabilities, and the rise of programmatic advertising contribute to this upward trend in CTV ad expenditure. The projections highlight the evolving landscape of advertising as digital streaming continues to reshape consumer viewing habits and advertising strategies. Learn more.

5 Tips for Growing as a Leader without Burning Yourself Out

This article from Kellogg Insight offers five tips for aspiring leaders to grow without succumbing to burnout. It emphasizes the importance of self-awareness, encouraging individuals to understand their strengths and limitations to avoid overextending themselves. Sanjay Khosla writes about how setting boundaries and prioritizing tasks are recommended strategies to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Additionally, fostering a supportive network and seeking feedback can help leaders navigate challenges and sustain their growth journey effectively. Learn more.

This week’s post of the week spotlight goes to Darren Herman , Managing Director at Bain Capital . His recent social post announces that our own Scott Schiller is joining the Silicon Alley Sports community. At Silicon Alley Sports, their mission is to unite the power of play with a purpose. They bring together a dynamic community of entrepreneurs, founders, digital executives, venture capitalists, angel investors, and ecosystem supporters from the heart of Silicon Alley. Check out the full post here and welcome Scott to the team.

This week, I have really enjoyed listening to the latest episode of The Town podcast. On the linked episode, Bloomberg’s Lucas Shaw discusses the battle for time in the attention economy of streaming and social media. The discusses parses through the latest data on how people spend their time and wonder whether streaming services are in danger of losing relevance with young millennials and Gen Z. Give it a listen for yourself here.