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VuePoints – Summer 2023 – E10

VuePoints / August 28, 2023

Hello there! I’m John Cobb one of the CEOs and co-founder at VuePlanner. I’m thrilled to offer you an opportunity to receive a weekly recap of noteworthy advancements in the realms of #AdTech, #AI, and #advertising, thoughtfully gathered from diverse sources. Our brief yet insightful updates aim to provide you with seamless awareness, assisting you in effortlessly navigating this ever-changing landscape. My goal is to create a valuable hub that ensures you stay informed and current. Ready to begin?

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Hayley Diamond On How Publicis Views CTV

This TVREV article discusses Hayley Diamond‘s perspective on how Publicis Media, a prominent advertising agency, views Connected TV (#CTV). Diamond highlights the increasing popularity of CTV and its impact on the #advertisingindustry. She mentions Publicis’ approach to CTV advertising, emphasizing data-driven strategies and personalized experiences for viewers. Diamond also touches on challenges like measurement and targeting, which Publicis aims to address to harness the potential of CTV effectively. Learn more.

Riding The Rising Tide Of Programmatic Streaming With Disney

In this article by Allison Schiff, AdExchanger explores the realm of programmatic streaming in a conversation with #Disney‘s Michael Petruzzi. The discussion delves into Disney’s approach to #programmaticadvertising within their streaming services. Petruzzi highlights the balance between automation and creative storytelling, pointing out Disney’s focus on delivering relevant ads to enhance the viewer experience. The article also covers the challenges faced, including maintaining brand safety and optimizing programmatic strategies. Overall, it offers insights into how The Walt Disney Company navigates the evolving landscape of programmatic advertising in the context of streaming. Learn more. 

CTV is Growing Up Fast

This Advertising Week article by Ramsey McGrory discusses the rapid maturation of Connected TV (CTV) and its implications. It explains that CTV is becoming more sophisticated, leading to changes in advertising strategies. The article highlights the need for a data-driven approach to target audiences effectively in the evolving CTV landscape. It also emphasizes the importance of creative and engaging content to capture viewer attention amidst increased competition. The article provides insights into how advertisers should adapt their tactics to make the most of the evolving CTV ecosystem. Learn more. 

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20 Key Strategies For YouTube Marketing

Forbes presents 20 essential strategies for effective YouTube marketing. This article emphasizes the significance of crafting compelling video content that resonates with the target audience and aligns with their interests. The strategies include leveraging #storytelling to establish a connection, optimizing video titles and descriptions for searchability, and utilizing YouTube’s analytics to refine marketing efforts. The article underscores the value of consistency in uploading content and engaging with viewers through comments and community features. It also advises exploring collaborations with influencers and utilizing YouTube ads to expand reach and engagement. Learn more

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AI-Created Art Isn’t Copyrightable

This article from The Hollywood Reporter discusses a recent decision by a U.S. federal court that AI-generated works are not eligible for #copyrightprotection. Winston Cho writes that the court ruled that because AI lacks the required human authorship, the works it produces cannot be copyrighted. This ruling has implications for studios and creators using AI to generate content. It underscores the need for legal clarity surrounding AI-generated creations and their intellectual property status in the evolving landscape of creative production. Learn more.

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Topgolf CMO On The Brand’s Awareness Play

This Chief Marketer article features an interview with Geoff Cottrill, CMO of Topgolf, discussing the brand’s strategies. Cottrill highlights Topgolf’s focus on increasing #brandawareness through creative marketing approaches. He emphasizes the integration of data and technology to understand customer preferences and drive engagement. Kaylee Hultgren’s interview with Cottrill also covers Topgolf’s expansion plans, including its international growth strategy and innovative initiatives to enhance the customer experience. Learn more.

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I’m adding something special this week! I always recommend a podcast in this newsletter, and I will get to that next. But I wanted to take a moment to share a book that I have been enjoying lately. Selling the American People: Advertising, Optimization, and the Origins of Adtech by Lee McGuigan has captured my attention lately.

To help make sense of today’s attention merchants and choice architects, McGuigan explores a few key questions: How did technical experts working at the intersection of #dataprocessing and #managementsciences come to command the center of gravity in the advertising and media industries? How did their ambition to remake marketing through mathematical optimization shape and reflect developments in digital technology? In short, where did adtech come from, and how did data-driven marketing come to mediate the daily encounters of people, products, and public spheres? His answers show how the advertising industry’s efforts to bend information technologies toward its dream of efficiency and rational management helped to make “surveillance capitalism” one of the defining experiences of public life.

I encourage you to pick up a copy for yourself. 

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Now onto the podcast recommendation: I have another great episode of Next in Media with Michael Shields to share. This episode is a discussion with Conor McKenna, partner at LUMA Partners, about why we’re seeing so many companies enter the ad business for the first time, and whether recent upticks in ad spending bode well for the rest of this year. Give it a listen!

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This week’s post of the week is a spotlighting Kerry Hemmerich, Spark Foundry’s Chief Client & Operating Officer. She was recently named a She Runs It#ChangingTheGame honoree! Hats off to her! Check out the full post here.