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VuePoints Spring 2023 – E6

VuePoints / June 1, 2023

Hi there! I’m John Cobb, CEO and Co-Founder of VuePlanner. I wanted to take a moment to share a weekly recap of some content surrounding the AdTech, AI and, advertising ecosystem. In this newsletter, I will share digestible pieces of industry content socialized and shared each week. I hope this resource brings you value and makes it easier for you to stay up to date on our ever-evolving world.

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We are excited to announce that I will be attending #Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity this year in order to represent VuePlanner. I am eager to join the important conversations happening at this event. Reach out to connect during the event. #CannesLions2023

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You can find the full list of Cannes events here.

One of the parties that cannot be missed with be the Influential Beach presented by Brand Innovators. You can check out more details surrounding the event on Chris Detert’s post. Check it out here.


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3 Strategies Every Retail Media Offering Needs to Consider

This article from Joe Rice at Association of National Advertisers discusses the growing importance of #retailmedia in online advertising, particularly in the context of e-commerce’s expansion. Retailers and advertisers are investing in this model to monetize their customers by targeting them on owned properties and external networks. The imminent loss of #thirdpartycookies poses challenges, but retailers are exploring alternative identifiers and strategies such as cleanrooms to maintain audience targeting. The article highlights three common layers of retail media insight: leveraging known audience and identity data, incorporating new signals and identifiers, and utilizing informed #contextual data to enhance off-site media sales. The author emphasizes the need for retailers to seize the opportunity to redefine their approaches and leverage addressable audiences. Learn more.

Lululemon Dupe Swap

lululemon organized a two-day event called “Dupe Swap” in Los Angeles, where around 1,000 people received a free pair of the brand’s $98 Align leggings in exchange for knockoff leggings. Katie Hicks from Marketing Brew writes that the event aimed to respond to the #dupeculture on social media, where creators search for affordable alternatives to share with their followers. The activation garnered significant attention online, with long lines and even overnight camping. Lululemon’s chief brand officer, Nikki Neuburger, stated that the event aimed to showcase the brand’s superiority by allowing people to experience the difference firsthand. Half of the participants were new customers, and the activation exceeded expectations in terms of reach and visibility. The swapped-out leggings were recycled by a textile #recycling company called Debrand. Learn more.

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Krystal Hawkins Hooks on Authentic Multicultural Brand Strategy

This #Muse article written by Michelle Lawrence features an interview with Krystal Hawkins Hooks , a marketing executive specializing in #multicultural brand strategy. Hawkins emphasizes the importance of #authenticity in reaching diverse audiences and discusses her approach to creating meaningful connections. She highlights the need for brands to understand and respect cultural nuances, as well as to hire diverse talent to inform their strategies. Hawkins also emphasizes the role of storytelling and cultural insights in shaping effective marketing campaigns. Overall, the article emphasizes the significance of genuine #multiculturalrepresentation and engagement for brands seeking to connect with diverse consumers. Learn more.


Female Surfer promotes McDonald’s The Little Mermaid Happy Meals

The Drum has published an intriguing article about how McDonald’s has released a national commercial promoting its limited-edition Happy Meals inspired by the live-action version of #TheLittleMermaid. The commercial features a group of young Black surfers who are members of the non-profit training camp, Black Girls Surf, Inc. The campaign aims to celebrate #inclusivity and imagination, with McDonald’s making donations to support Black Girls Surf and hosting an exclusive screening of the film for its members. The campaign was developed in collaboration with advertising agency DDB Chicago. Learn more.


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Leveraging AI to Enhance the Customer Experience

Companies are increasingly using AI-powered #chatbots to enhance customer experiences. Matt Swain for The Drum writes, these chatbots, like #ChatGPT and Google’s #Bard, have the ability to understand and respond in natural language, providing personalized interactions based on extensive data analysis. However, companies should approach AI implementation strategically by testing and learning with a small subset of customers, ensuring #AIintegration aligns with the customer journey, considering security risks, maintaining transparency about AI interactions, and finding the right tone that suits customer preferences. It’s crucial to avoid relying solely on AI when human intervention is necessary to prevent negative customer experiences and loss of trust. Learn more.


What does Generative AI Mean for Retail?

In her Forbes article, Jill (Puleri) Standish explores the implications of #generativeAI for the retail industry. She discusses how generative AI can transform the #retail sector by enabling personalized experiences, product customization, and efficient supply chain management. Standish highlights the potential benefits of generative AI, such as increased customer satisfaction and improved operational efficiency, while also acknowledging the challenges and ethical considerations that come with its implementation in retail. Learn more.


TikTok is Testing an AI Chatbot

A new article from The Verge discusses how TikTok is testing an AI chatbot called #Tako that can recommend videos based on user queries, potentially transforming search and navigation within the app. The chatbot appears capable of answering various questions and providing related TikTok videos and suggestions. While TikTok described it as a limited experiment in select markets, the company’s recent trademark application for “chatbot software” suggests a wider release may be imminent, following the trend of other social media platforms incorporating chatbot features. Learn more.


Nvidia and WPP Partner On New AI

According to a new MediaPost article, NVIDIA and WPP have partnered to develop an AI-driven content engine that aims to revolutionize digital marketing and advertising. The platform, named #ORION, will utilize NVIDIA’s AI technology to enhance content creation, optimize audience targeting, and improve overall campaign performance. By leveraging machine learning and data analytics, ORION aims to provide more personalized and engaging experiences for consumers while helping marketers drive better results. Learn more.


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Host-Read Ads Combine with Video

In this article, written by Anthony Rifilato on AdExchanger, the author shares their experience with the ad experience in a live comedy podcast series called “Kill Tony” on #YouTube. The show monetizes through paid brand sponsorships that are voiced by the hosts in both the audio and video productions. The author highlights the appeal of host-read ads in video form, as they combine the organic feel of #podcastads with the #brandawareness and reach of video. While some viewers skip the ads, others appreciate the natural banter and discount codes provided by the hosts. The article concludes by questioning whether sponsors are seeing a return on ad spend from hybrid podcast/video shows like “Kill Tony.” Learn more.


Podcast Advertising A-Z

The article on the IAB website discusses #podcast advertising in detail, providing an A-to-Z guide to the topic. It covers various aspects such as the growth of podcasting, the benefits of #podcastadvertising, different types of podcast ad formats, measurement and attribution, targeting and personalization, and best practices for advertisers. The article emphasizes the effectiveness of podcast advertising in reaching highly engaged audiences and the potential for brand storytelling and integration. It also highlights the importance of proper measurement and attribution to assess the success of podcast advertising campaigns. Learn more.


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Has anyone noticed the transition to streaming has woken up the TV programmers? That is the topic of my recommended podcast this week: The Big Story: TV Progress Under Pressure. Listen for yourself here.