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VuePoints – Winter 2024 – E8

VuePoints / February 16, 2024

Hey there! I’m John Cobb the CEO and co-founder of VuePlanner . It brings me great pleasure to introduce you to the latest issue of the VuePoints Newsletter. Within these pages, we delve into topics such as The Big Game, YouTube Shorts, AI, Podcasts and more. I’ve curated top-notch content from across our industry to offer you a well-rounded perspective on recent advancements. Think of this newsletter as your ultimate resource for keeping abreast of all things pertinent to our field. Happy reading!

By the Numbers: Super Bowl LVIII

Super Bowl LVIII saw a significant increase in viewership, with an average of 125.4 million viewers tuning in, marking a 9% rise from the previous year. According to this Marketing Dive article, advertisers spent a record-breaking $7.25 billion on commercials during the game, with the cost for a 30-second spot reaching $9.5 million. The halftime show featuring top artists like Beyoncé, Kendrick Lamar, and Travis Scott attracted immense attention, with a reported 123.1 million viewers during the performance. Additionally, social media engagement around the event surged, with over 2.5 billion interactions on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Learn more.

YouTube Will Now Display Live-Streams Within the Shorts Feed, Adds New Podcast Options

ThisSocial Media Today, LLC article discusses how YouTube is expanding its features, allowing users to display live streams and Shorts on their feed. This update aims to increase engagement and offer more content options for users. Additionally, YouTube is introducing a new podcast discovery feature to help users find and listen to podcasts directly on the platform. These changes reflect YouTube’s ongoing efforts to enhance user experience and diversify content offerings. Learn more.

Un”AI”Voidable: A Look at Influencer Marketing Beyond #Ad

This link from the Association of National Advertisers features a video of Jason Gordon, Partner at Reed Smith LLP,  discussing the evolving landscape of influencer marketing, emphasizing the importance of authenticity and relevance in campaigns. It highlights the need for marketers to establish genuine connections with influencers to effectively reach target audiences. Strategies such as micro-influencer partnerships and leveraging user-generated content are presented as effective methods for achieving authenticity and engagement. Overall, the video underscores the significance of authenticity and alignment with brand values in successful influencer marketing campaigns. Watch for yourself here.

How Marketing Can Capitalize on AI Disruption

This article from Gartner discusses how marketing professionals can leverage AI disruption to enhance their strategies. It emphasizes the importance of incorporating AI into marketing efforts to optimize processes and improve customer experiences. The article suggests that marketers should focus on utilizing AI for tasks such as data analysis, personalization, and predictive modeling to drive better results. By embracing AI technologies, marketers can gain valuable insights, streamline operations, and stay ahead in the competitive landscape. Learn more.

The Future of AI Investing: A 100+ Slide Report

This report from Ben Parr examines the future of AI investing, forecasting significant growth and innovation in the sector. It highlights key areas of opportunity, including AI infrastructure, vertical-specific AI solutions, and AI-driven business models. Additionally, the report provides insights into emerging trends and potential challenges for investors navigating the rapidly evolving AI landscape. Learn more.

Google’s Head of Technology Platforms On How First-Party Data & AI Will Transform The Ad Industry — For The Better

This article from HubSpot discusses Google‘s perspective on the importance of first-party data and AI in marketing strategies. It emphasizes the value of first-party data in enabling personalized and relevant experiences for users. Google stresses the role of AI in unlocking insights from data to inform decision-making and enhance customer interactions. Additionally, the article highlights Google’s commitment to privacy and transparency in its approach to handling data and deploying AI technologies. Learn more.

How Chief AI Officers Can Streamline Strategy From the Boardroom Down

This ITPro article explores the role of Chief AI Officers (CAIOs) in streamlining AI strategy within organizations, emphasizing the importance of alignment from the boardroom to operational levels. It highlights the need for CAIOs to bridge the gap between technical expertise and business objectives, ensuring that AI initiatives support overall strategic goals. The article suggests that effective communication and collaboration across departments are crucial for successful AI implementation. Additionally, it emphasizes the significance of fostering a culture of innovation and continuous learning to maximize the potential of AI technologies. Learn more.

Disney Harnesses AI to Drive Streaming Ad Technology

The Walt Disney Company is leveraging AI to enhance its streaming ad technology, aiming to optimize user experiences and increase ad revenue. The company plans to use AI algorithms to deliver personalized ads based on viewer preferences and behaviors, according to this Reuters article. By harnessing AI, Disney aims to compete more effectively in the streaming market and attract advertisers looking for targeted advertising solutions. The implementation of AI-driven ad technology reflects Disney’s commitment to innovation and adapting to changing consumer preferences in the digital streaming landscape. Learn more.

This week, I have to recommend the latest episode of the Future is Female podcast. On the linked episode, Katie Kempner, Founder of Kempner Communications and host of Perspectives with Katie Kempner, part of Advertising Week’s podcast network, discusses owning her own business, how she got where she is today, and the importance of being your own best friend. Give it a listen.

This week’s Post of the Week spotlight goes to Jonah Goodhart. In the linked post, Jonah shared an article that he wrote for Procter & Gamble’s Signal 360. He share some intriguing thoughts on the future of ad measurement. I encourage you to check out the full post here.