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VuePoints – Winter 2024 – E6

VuePoints / January 26, 2024

Greetings from John Cobb , CEO and co-founder at VuePlanner ! It’s a pleasure to have you join us for the latest installment of VuePoints. Within these articles, we’ll delve into the topics of AI, leadership, podcasts, and beyond. I’ve curated top-tier content from diverse facets of our industry, aiming to offer you a holistic overview of the most recent advancements. Regard this newsletter as your primary resource for staying abreast of everything pertinent to our industry.

AI’s Power Overshadowed its Risks at CES 2024

This link features a fantastic video cover the best and worst of AI at CES 2024. Jessica Heygate , the campaign editor at Campaign US , meets with many professionals in our industry about the use cases of AI. Some of the people Heygate meets with are Dani Mariano , President at Razorfish; Martin Sorrell, Executive Chairman at S4 Capital Group; Josh Mattison , SVP of Revenue Management and Operations at The Walt Disney Company; Sabrina Ellis, Chief Product Officer at Pinterest ; and many many more. I encourage you to check out the entire video here.

How Podcast Networks are Testing AI Tools for Faster Translation

This Digiday article explores how podcast networks are experimenting with AI tools to enhance translation processes and streamline ad sales. Podcast creators are leveraging AI technologies to quickly translate content, making it more accessible to global audiences. Additionally, these tools are being utilized in the advertising realm, aiding in faster and more efficient ad sales. The article sheds light on the evolving role of AI in the podcasting industry and its potential to revolutionize content distribution and monetization strategies. Learn more.

Rise of CTV in marketing: Discover strategies that drive success

This article from SmartBrief discusses the rising prominence of Connected TV (CTV) in marketing, outlining opportunities and strategies for businesses. It emphasizes the increasing popularity of CTV among consumers and the need for marketers to adapt to this shift. The piece highlights key trends such as personalized advertising, data-driven insights, and the integration of CTV into broader marketing strategies. Overall, it provides insights into the evolving landscape of CTV and its significance in modern marketing approaches. Learn more.

The 12 Principles of Agile Methodologies

The article from the Association of National Advertisers discusses the principles of Agile methodologies in the context of marketing, emphasizing its application to enhance efficiency and adaptability. It delves into the key components of Agile, such as iterative processes, collaboration, and customer-centricity, providing insights into how marketers can incorporate these principles into their strategies. Overall, it highlights the relevance of Agile methodologies in navigating the dynamic landscape of modern marketing. Learn more.

How To Use Stephen Covey’s Emotional Bank Account: A Manager’s Guide

This Lighthouse blog article explores the concept of the “Emotional Bank Account” introduced by Steven Covey, emphasizing its significance in building strong relationships, both personally and professionally. It describes the emotional bank account as a metaphorical repository for trust and goodwill, where positive actions contribute to a surplus and negative actions result in a deficit. The article provides practical insights into ways individuals can make deposits into these emotional bank accounts, such as expressing gratitude and actively listening. Overall, it underscores the importance of maintaining a positive balance in emotional relationships for long-term success and satisfaction. Learn more.

This week’s post of the week spotlight goes to Darren Herman , Managing Director at Bain Capital . Darren posted a letter from Operating Partner that features an interesting brand management role from 1440 Foods and lots of other great links. Check out his full post here.

My recommended podcast this week is a short one. Only 6 minutes long! In this episode of The Daily Bolster, Steve Sloan, CEO of Contentful , shares the yearly thought exercise that helps him stay on track. As a CEO, it’s important to scale alongside your company. As the organization expands in revenue and size, what’s required of you will change, too. We all have busy schedules, but I urge you to set aside 6 minutes to check out this podcast.