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VuePoints – Winter 2024 – E4

VuePoints / January 17, 2024

Greetings from John Cobb, CEO, and co-founder of VuePlanner! Excited to present our latest VuePoints newsletter with a CES twist! This edition dives into CES Recap, third-party cookies, CTV, and more. I’ve curated top-notch content from CES 2024 and emerging industry trends just for you. Trust it to serve as a valuable resource!

How YouTube got on your TV, Cookies are so 2023

This StreamTV Insider article discusses key highlights from Wolk’s Week Review, focusing on YouTube’s impact on TV and the evolving landscape of advertising. It explores how YouTube has become influential in the TV space, indicating a shift in consumer behavior. Additionally, the article mentions the changing relevance of cookies in advertising, suggesting that they are becoming outdated by 2023. Overall, it provides insights into the dynamic nature of television and advertising trends. Learn more.

AdExchanger’s Top 3 CTV Stories Of 2023

This article highlightsAdExchanger‘s top three Connected TV (CTV) stories of 2023. It offers a concise overview of the most significant developments and trends in the CTV space during that year. The specifics of the top stories are not provided in the request, but the article likely covers noteworthy events and changes within the CTV industry. Learn more.

YouTube Shopping Unboxed

Let’s take a break from articles for a moment and share a video. With more than 350 million shopping-related videos on YouTube as of December 2023, it’s never been easier for people to find and shop what they love. And with new features coming and more creators, brands and artists connecting their stores every day, it’s going to be even easier to shop with your favorite creators on YouTube in 2024. Watch this video to check out how creators in beauty, fashion, tech and more are leaning into YouTube Shopping to connect with their community on YouTube!

How YouTube Amplified TV’s Biggest Moments

The YouTube Advertisers’ LinkedIn page, just shared some pretty compelling data surrounding the Big Game. YouTube is transforming the way viewers experience the National Football League (NFL) — and the way they watch Super Bowl ads. Check out the latest Comscore, Inc. research in this post here.

Cookie Deprecation: Chrome Set To Activate Tracking Protection For Select Users On Jan. 4

This article from Chief Marketer discusses the imminent cookie deprecation changes in Google Chrome, set to activate tracking protection for select users on January 4th. It highlights the impact on marketers and advertisers, emphasizing the need to adapt to the evolving privacy landscape. The article suggests that these changes will affect the ability to track user behavior online, posing challenges for targeted advertising strategies. Learn more.

The Big Story: The Cookieless Expanse Ahead

This article from AdExchanger delves into the imminent shift toward a cookieless digital advertising landscape. It explores the challenges and opportunities arising from the deprecation of third-party cookies, emphasizing the need for industry players to adapt and find alternative strategies for targeting and measurement. The article suggests that this transition will reshape the digital advertising ecosystem and highlights the importance of developing new methods to maintain effective advertising practices in the absence of cookies. Learn more.

Google Tells Ad Tech To Take Its Medicine And Give The Privacy Sandbox A Try

This article discusses Google‘s encouragement for the ad tech industry to embrace its Privacy Sandbox initiative. It outlines Google’s perspective on the importance of prioritizing user privacy and the steps being taken to create a more privacy-focused digital advertising environment. The article suggests that the industry should adopt the Privacy Sandbox framework as a responsible approach to address privacy concerns and create a more transparent and user-friendly online advertising ecosystem. Learn more.

With so much happening in our industry this week, there is no way I could just pick on post to spotlight in this edition of the newsletter. Instead, here is my round up of the best LinkedIn posts surrounding CES from this week.

Nielsen’s Daily Recap

Richard Murphy’s Kick Off Post

Mark Gentzkow’s Reflections of the Dazzling Realm

Ryan Detert’s Meta Ray-Ban Glasses Demo

Brandon Gutman’s Star-Studded Photos

Shelly Palmer’s Review of the GPT Store

Shelley ZalisVideo Discussing the Lack of Women’s Sports Coverage

I would be amiss if I didn’t also take the oppirtunity to encourage you to also check out my LinkedIn coverage of my time at CES. You can check out my posts here.

During my travel for CES, I have been listening to the OMD RedTalks podcast. The episode I want to share showcasesJohn Gentry, CEO of OpenX, and Amanda Forrester, VP of Marketing. Tune in to learn the difference between net-zero and carbon-neutral, and how companies can prioritize sustainability in marketing campaigns without compromising campaign performance. Give it a listen.