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VuePoints Newsletter – Winter 2024 – E10

VuePoints / March 1, 2024

Happy Leap Day! I’m John Cobb, the CEO and co-founder of VuePlanner . Today, on this special extra day, I’m thrilled to unveil the latest edition of the VuePoints Newsletter. In this unique publication, we dive into various subjects including TikTok, Meta, AI, YouTube, and more, all with a leap day twist. I’ve meticulously curated top-notch content from our industry to offer you an insightful glimpse into recent advancements. Consider this newsletter your exclusive leap into staying updated on everything relevant to our field. Enjoy your extra day and your reading experience!

A Marketer’s Guide To Generative AI Startups

This article from AdExchanger explores the rise of generative AI startups and their impact on marketing strategies. It discusses how these startups leverage advanced AI techniques to create personalized content at scale, revolutionizing advertising campaigns. The piece highlights key players in the generative AI space and their innovative approaches, emphasizing the potential for marketers to enhance engagement and creativity. Overall, it serves as a comprehensive guide for marketers looking to understand and leverage the capabilities of generative AI in their campaigns. Learn more.

Meta’s layoffs continue to impact advertisers as the company replaces account team members with AI

This Digiday article delves into Meta‘s ongoing layoffs and their repercussions on advertisers, as the company increasingly replaces human team members with AI technology. Meta’s restructuring efforts aim to streamline operations and improve efficiency but have left advertisers concerned about the quality and effectiveness of AI-driven ad campaigns. As Meta continues to invest in AI, advertisers face uncertainty regarding the level of human oversight and control in their advertising strategies. The layoffs signify Meta’s shift towards automation and AI-powered solutions, reflecting broader trends in the digital advertising industry. Despite potential benefits in cost reduction and scalability, advertisers grapple with the implications of relying heavily on AI for their marketing efforts. Learn more.

For TikTok, Universal Standoff Shows Music No Longer Matters Like It Once Did

This article from The Information examines TikTok‘s standoff with Universal Music Group (UMG) over licensing fees, highlighting a shifting dynamic in the music industry’s relationship with social media platforms. TikTok’s refusal to meet UMG’s demands for higher payments underscores a broader trend where music labels no longer hold the same sway over digital platforms as they once did. This standoff reflects TikTok’s growing influence as a cultural force and its ability to dictate terms to major players in the music industry. It signals a reevaluation of the traditional power balance between music labels and tech platforms, potentially reshaping how music is consumed and monetized in the digital age. Learn more.

Tech Splits Ad Companies’ Fortunes in Two

This article from The Wall Street Journal discusses how diverging fortunes in the tech sector are impacting advertising companies, leading to a significant split in their performance. While tech giants like Meta Platforms Inc. and Alphabet Inc. . continue to thrive, smaller ad tech firms face challenges amid changing market dynamics and regulatory scrutiny. This divergence has created a two-tiered landscape, with larger companies benefiting from their dominance in online advertising, while smaller players struggle to compete. The shift underscores the increasing concentration of power and resources within a few major tech players, shaping the competitive landscape in the digital advertising industry. Learn more.

A Streaming TV Prizefight: Walmart Tries Muscling in on Amazon

This article from The Hollywood Reporter explores Walmart‘s entry into the streaming TV market through a partnership with VIZIO , challenging Amazon‘s dominance in the sector. By collaborating with Vizio, Walmart aims to leverage its extensive customer base and retail footprint to expand its presence in the streaming industry. This move represents Walmart’s strategic push into digital entertainment, offering consumers more options for accessing content beyond traditional cable services. The partnership underscores the intensifying competition among retail giants to capture a larger share of the rapidly growing streaming market. Learn more.

This week’s Post of the Week spotlight goes to Scott Schiller . Scott is a media leader and business builder who commercializes and accelerates Fortune 50 (NBCU, AOL, Disney) PE-backed portfolio companies and emerging companies via business transformation; products, content, creative innovation; and adept people and sales management. Scott’s post pushed back on an article in the Axios PM Newsletter claiming that no version of TV (streaming, CTV, cable etc) is able to meaningfully grow their audience right now. Scott provides great references and examples to support that video advertising is exploding in every direction. Take a look at Scott’s argument and the original article here.

This week, I have something a little different to recommend. Still a podcast, but a video version! The biggest ad platforms are leaning into media mix modeling, even when that means giving other ad channels more credit than their own. In this episode of The Marketing Architects Podcast, VP Strategy Dan Cleveland and Director of Analytics Jordan Rossler join the conversation to talk about all things MMM. They’re digging into the pros and cons of the model, how new tools have made MMM more accessible than ever, and the importance of tying marketing investments back to business results. Watch the full podcast here.