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VuePoints – Autumn 2023 – E5

VuePoints / October 30, 2023

Good afternoon! I’m John Cobb, the CEO and co-founder of VuePlanner . I’m excited to share our latest newsletter with you this week. Within its articles, I’ll delve into the significant advancements occurring in areas such as AI, contextual targeting, YouTube, and more. I’ve carefully curated essential updates from the past week in our ever-changing industry, aiming to keep you well-informed. I trust you’ll find this information invaluable.

Get Ready to See a lot More Product Ads in YouTube Videos

The Verge’s new article covers how YouTube is introducing a new feature that allows users to shop directly from videos using product ads. These ads will include clickable timestamps, enabling viewers to jump to the specific product showcased in the video and make a purchase. This feature is designed to enhance the shopping experience on the platform, making it more interactive and convenient for users. YouTube’s move into interactive shopping marks a significant development in the evolution of online video platforms. Learn more.

YouTube’s Testing Out Comment Controls To Manage Video Interactions

YouTube is currently testing new comment control features, allowing creators to manage interactions on their videos more effectively. This article from Social Media Today, LLC discusses how the platform is introducing three new settings: “Allow All Comments,” “Hold Potentially Inappropriate Comments for Review,” and “Disable Comments.” This initiative aims to empower creators to curate a safer and more engaging environment for their audience by regulating the comments section on their videos. Learn more.

Apple Will Soon Bring AI to its Devices

Apple is reportedly gearing up to integrate artificial intelligence capabilities into its devices. According to sources, Apple plans to deploy AI across various products, enhancing user experiences and functionalities. The company aims to leverage AI to improve device interaction and automation, potentially bringing significant advancements to its ecosystem. While specific details remain scarce, this move suggests Apple’s strategic commitment to integrating cutting-edge AI technologies into its future products and services. Learn more.

As More Brands Use Generative AI to Create Social Content, Agencies are Changing How They Measure its Success

Brands are increasingly utilizing generative AI to create social media content, prompting agencies to reconsider their methods of measuring its effectiveness. This Digiday article writes that as this trend grows, agencies are exploring new metrics beyond traditional engagement numbers to evaluate the impact of AI-generated content. They are focusing on factors like sentiment analysis and brand perception to gauge the success and effectiveness of content generated through AI technologies. Learn more.

Dentsu’s Merkury Charts A Post-Cookie Future

dentsu ‘s Merkury, the data-driven marketing solutions arm, is preparing for a future without third-party cookies. This AdExchanger article talks about how in response to impending changes in digital advertising, the company is developing strategies to navigate this post-cookie landscape effectively. Dentsu’s Merkury aims to create tailored solutions that rely on first-party data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to maintain precise audience targeting for advertisers. By adapting to these shifts, Dentsu’s Merkury seeks to offer clients robust, privacy-compliant advertising solutions beyond the era of third-party cookies. Learn more.


Apple’s ATT crackdown emboldened DTC marketers to reinvest in Meta, Google

This article from Digiday discusses how Apple’s App Tracking Transparency (ATT) policy has prompted direct-to-consumer (DTC) marketers to shift their focus and reinvest in platforms like Meta and Google . This move comes as DTC brands seek alternatives to target their audience effectively due to the limitations imposed by ATT. With ATT restricting ad tracking on Apple devices, DTC marketers are exploring partnerships with Meta and Google, adapting their strategies to navigate the changing digital advertising landscape. These platforms offer alternative avenues for DTC brands to reach their target audience amid evolving privacy regulations. Learn more.

This week’s Post of the Week spotlight goes to a recent post from Andy Plesser . We gives a shoutout to Samantha Rose , EVP at Horizon Media, as she will be attending the Retreat next month. VuePlanner and I will also be in attendance at the retreat. We are really looking forward to the event. Check out Andy’s full post here.


This week I have been enjoying The Prof G Pod with Scott Galloway. The episode linked below offers create insights on Netflix’s rise to greatness. Followed by a discussion with Jennifer Cohen, an entrepreneur, brand strategist, author, and host of the business podcast Habits & Hustle. Jennifer and Scott discuss the importance of being bold and resilient, how to build confidence, and adding more movement into your day. Give it a listen for yourself here.