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VuePoints – Autumn 2023 – E12

VuePoints / December 15, 2023

Hey! I’m John Cobb , one of the founders and the CEO at VuePlanner . Excited to share our newest VuePoints newsletter with you! In this edition, we delve into significant advancements in CTV, leadership, 2024 video treads and more. I’ve curated key updates from our dynamic industry to keep you in the loop on the latest developments. These insights are sure to be valuable for you.

Navigating An Uncertain 2024 Business Climate

The article from Chief Executive Group offers guidance to CEOs facing an uncertain business climate in 2024. It emphasizes the importance of adaptability and strategic planning amidst geopolitical shifts and economic challenges. CEOs are encouraged to prioritize agility, innovation, and resilience to navigate the evolving landscape successfully. Additionally, fostering strong leadership, leveraging technology, and staying customer-centric are highlighted as crucial strategies for CEOs in the unpredictable market. Learn more.

We Underplay The Value Of Humility In Leadership Too Much

The Art of Leading is another LinkedIn Newsletter published by Adam Bryant, and the latest publication discusses the undervaluation of humility in leadership. It argues that humility is often overlooked but is a critical trait for effective leadership, enabling better collaboration and team performance. The author emphasizes the need for leaders to embrace humility as a strength rather than a weakness, fostering a more inclusive and successful work environment. Learn more.

Stop Doing The Same Thing And Expecting A Different Result

This MediaPost article advocates for a shift in marketing strategies by emphasizing the importance of innovation and creativity. It highlights the pitfalls of repeating the same tactics while expecting different results, urging marketers to embrace experimentation and fresh approaches. By exploring new avenues, leveraging data effectively, and adapting to changing consumer behaviors, marketers can break away from stagnant routines and drive meaningful results in today’s dynamic landscape. Learn more.

2024 Trend Watch: Short Video Will Face a Reckoning as Monetization Problems Persist and Messaging Grows

The article from Insider Intelligence discusses the evolving landscape of short-video platforms and their challenges in monetization. As these platforms grow, they face hurdles in effectively monetizing content due to advertisers’ hesitance and the fast-paced nature of short-form content consumption. Despite the immense popularity of short videos, their profitability remains a concern, leading platforms to explore alternative revenue streams beyond traditional advertising. Messaging apps are emerging as a potential avenue for monetization, offering a more engaged user base and opportunities for commerce and advertising. However, these platforms must navigate privacy concerns and user preferences while innovating their monetization strategies to sustain growth. Learn more.

CTV Isn’t Just The Evolution Of TV – It Brings Unique Advertising Potential

This AdExchanger article explores CTV as more than just a continuation of traditional television, emphasizing its distinct advertising opportunities. It highlights CTV’s unique capabilities in targeting, interactivity, and measurement, offering advertisers a more personalized and data-driven approach. CTV’s potential lies in its ability to combine the impact of TV advertising with digital precision, providing a platform for innovative ad formats and refined audience targeting strategies, ultimately reshaping the advertising landscape. Learn more.

Why the Ad Industry Still Isn’t Ready for Google to Remove Third-Party Cookies in Chrome

Digiday recently released an article covering the advertising industry’s lack of readiness for Google’s plan to remove third-party cookies in Chrome. It highlights the industry’s unpreparedness due to ongoing reliance on third-party data for targeting and measurement, with many advertisers and publishers scrambling to find alternative solutions. This move by Google signifies a significant shift in digital advertising, prompting a need for innovative approaches to maintain targeting capabilities while prioritizing user privacy. Learn more.

This week’s Post of the Week spotlight has to go to YouTube Advertisers. Their recent post hints at the incredible advertising opportunity that can be found in Q5. If you haven’t heard about Q5 or want to learn more about this hidden quarter that can help solidify your end of year spending and launch your Q1 campaigns, check out our latest blog post covering this topic in depth. Also you can check out Google’s post here to learn about how much consumers are continuing to spend after December 25th.

This week, I have been enjoying listening to The Rebooting Show. The episode I have linked for you features Matthew Reustle, CFA , CEO of Colossus, a business-focused podcasting network that’s home to Invest Like the Best, Business Breakdowns and Founders. This episode covers how Matt sees podcasting as an antidote to many of the ills of algorithmic media. Check it out for yourself here.