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VuePoints – Summer 2023 – E9

Uncategorized / August 18, 2023

Greetings! I’m John Cobb, CEO and co-founder of VuePlanner. I’m excited to extend to you the chance to receive a weekly summary of significant developments in the fields of #AdTech, #AI, and #advertising, curated from a variety of sources. Our concise insights are designed to offer you effortless awareness, helping you navigate the dynamic landscape more smoothly. My objective is to establish a valuable hub that keeps you informed and up-to-date. Let’s get started!

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Holiday Shopping Insights

This from Think with Google explores insights into holiday shopping behavior. It discusses the increasing trend of early #holidayshopping, with consumers beginning their searches as early as September. The article highlights the significance of online platforms for product research and the growing preference for buying from local businesses. Additionally, it emphasizes the importance of seamless online experiences and personalized recommendations in influencing purchasing decisions during the holiday season. Learn more. 

YouTube Tests Anti-Ad-Blocker

According to Laurie Sullivan’s article from MediaPost, YouTube is reportedly testing a new feature to counter ad-blockers, involving a countdown timer that appears when users have an ad-blocker enabled. The timer gives viewers a specific duration to wait before they can skip ads, essentially encouraging users to disable their #adblockers for a better experience. This move aims to address the issue of lost ad revenue due to ad-blocker usage. The article suggests that this strategy could prompt users to reconsider using ad-blockers and potentially lead to higher ad engagement. Learn more. 

Google Demand Gen Campaigns Beta Open

Search Engine Land just released an article discussing the fact that Google is launching a beta upgrade for its #DemandGeneration tool within the Google Adsplatform. This update will allow advertisers to utilize Google Discovery campaigns, expanding their reach beyond search into the Discover feed. Nicola Agius write that the enhancement aims to help advertisers connect with a broader audience and tap into Discovery’s visually engaging and personalized ad format. Learn more.

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Half of US Linear TV Households saw just 8% of ads

A recent study published by MediaPost, indicates that in the first quarter of this year, half of the households in the United States were exposed to only 8% of the total TV ads aired. The findings underscore the concentration of ad exposure among a smaller subset of households. Karlene Lukovitz  write that this pattern suggests that while there is a wide array of TV ads being broadcast, they are not reaching a significant portion of the population. The study’s data prompts a reevaluation of the effectiveness and distribution of #tvadvertising strategies. Learn more.

Times Watching Linear TV is at an All-Time Low

This Marketing Brew article the amount of time spent watching traditional #linearTV has reached an all-time low. This decline in viewership highlights the shifting preferences of audiences towards alternative forms of entertainment and content consumption. Kelsey Sutton write that the trend signifies the increasing importance of #digitalplatforms and #streamingservices in capturing audience attention. This change underscores the need for marketers to adapt their strategies to target audiences across a variety of digital channels. Learn more. 

 Upfront Deals Broken Down

Another Marketing Brew article provides a breakdown of this year’s #upfrontcommitments in the #advertising industry. It outlines the major categories that received these commitments, including #broadcast, cable, and streaming services. The data highlights the shifts in ad spending as traditional TV platforms compete with streaming services for advertisers’ investments. Learn more. 

Streaming Profitability Is More Than Just Subscriber Growth

The AdExchanger article explores the concept of streaming profitability, emphasizing that it extends beyond mere #subscribergrowth. It underscores the importance of factors like #subscriberretention, ad revenues, and content costs in achieving sustainable #profitability for streaming platforms. Alyssa Boylediscusses how advertising plays a vital role in boosting revenues, especially for ad-supported streaming services. It also delves into the challenges platforms face in balancing subscription and advertising models to achieve long-term success. Learn more.

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This week’s spotlighted podcast is a recent episode of he CMO Podcast with Jim Stengel. This episode’s guest is Drew P., the Global Chief Marketing Officer of Pfizer, the $100 billion by sales bio-pharmaceutical giant. Pfizer was founded in 1949 in Brooklyn, NY by cousins Charles Pfizer and Charles Erhart, and has since become one of the most important global #healthcare companies. Case in point–Pfizer and its CEO Albert Bourla became household names during the pandemic as they rolled out COVID-19 vaccines with unprecedented speed and scale. Listen to the episode for yourself here. 

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This week’s post of the week highlights some big changes over at IAB. Amanda Richman has joined their team as their new Executive in Residence, and Piya Mehra has joined as their new Chief of Staff. Check out the post for yourself here.