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VuePoints – Autumn 2023 – E7

VueMetrics / November 10, 2023

Afternoon! I’m John Cobb , CEO and co-founder of VuePlanner . I am thrilled to present our latest VuePoints newsletter, where I explore the noteworthy progressions in TV, brand suitability, YouTube, and other pertinent topics. I’ve gathered crucial updates from the dynamic landscape of our industry over the past week, ensuring you stay abreast of the latest developments. I believe you’ll find these insights immensely valuable.

Is TV in a Permanent Ad Recession?

Despite positive economic indicators and growth in other advertising sectors, the traditional TV advertising industry is struggling. This Next in Media article discusses how major players like Warner Bros. Entertainment, Discovery Inc , Comcast , Fox, Paramount , and The Walt Disney Company have reported significant declines in ad sales. This decline is surprising given the industry’s efforts to modernize with advancements in connected TV advertising, data-driven linear ads, better measurement, and new attribution methods. The reasons behind this decline remain unclear, raising questions about the industry’s ability to adapt to changing consumer behaviors and preferences. Learn more.

Marketers should consider YouTube as a viable alternative to traditional TV and connected TV (CTV) platforms, especially since 150 million viewers are now watching YouTube on their connected TVs. Despite this audience shift, marketers have been slow to adapt, as evidenced by YouTube’s substantial growth in the last quarter. Tools like VuePlanner can assist marketers and agencies in navigating YouTube CTV, making it akin to television advertising.


5 Ways Marketers Can Protect Their Brands

Google is emphasizing the importance of brand safety and suitability in advertising, providing marketers with tools to manage their ad placements effectively. One of their latest blog’s says that they are simplifying the process of excluding themes on YouTube and the Google Display Network, allowing advertisers to avoid specific content categories more easily. Google is also providing data insights to help marketers understand the tradeoffs between brand safety and ad performance. Artificial intelligence (AI) is being utilized to detect and remove inappropriate content, ensuring a safe environment for advertisers and viewers. The company has received content-level brand safety accreditation and offers various inventory types, enabling marketers to align their campaigns with brand-safe content. Learn more.

By employing these five strategies and collaborating with VuePlanner as your brand suitability and contextual partner in the YouTube Measurement Program, you can utilize categories for scalability while also dynamically constructing your video collection to enhance scale.

How a Vintage Advertising Book can Inform Your Leadership

This SmartBrief article discusses insights from a vintage advertising book, “The Elementary Laws of Advertising and How To Use Them,” published in 1913. Despite the vast changes in advertising since then, the book’s principles still hold true. The author explores how the advertising landscape has evolved, highlighting the shift from traditional print ads to online search engines. The vintage book accurately identified 15 essential elements of advertising, emphasizing the importance of attention-grabbing, reach, frequency, and persuasiveness, as well as the significance of brand ideas, which are still relevant in modern branding practices. Learn more.

Marketers to Spend Most of Holiday Budgets in November

Santa loves cookies, but marketers are looking at cookie alternatives this holiday season. Marketers are gearing up for the holiday season, with over half planning to spend the majority of their budgets next month, primarily on digital channels and direct buys. This Marketing Brew articles discusses how concerns about recession or inflation are diminishing, as 86% of marketers intend to spend as much or more on holiday ads compared to last year. Marketers are focusing on desktop and mobile ads, with 79% planning website or browser ads, and 51% of holiday budgets allocated to direct buys. Learn more.


US Holiday Shopping 2023: Consumer Caution and Retailer Resilience

This holiday season, retailers are facing challenges as consumer spending habits, influenced by factors like inflation and economic uncertainty, continue to fluctuate. This McKinsey & Company article says that the final stretch of the shopping season is crucial, representing up to 40 percent of sales for discretionary retailers. Consumers are trading down, seeking better prices and promotions, and prioritizing value. Retailers are extending their promotions, emphasizing membership programs, and widening return windows to attract customers. To succeed, retailers are advised to inspire customers through experiences, employ omnichannel strategies, personalize promotions, and optimize supply chains for efficient and transparent delivery. Learn more.

Generative AI has infiltrated the browser! Brave Software‘s Nightly Browser has an awesome tool called Leo, which uses AI to summarize web pages. I encourage you to check out their short video as Sunny Madra demos the tool on different sites. Watch here.

 This week, I have two great shoutouts I want to make for the Post of the Week. The first one goes to The Female Quotient. They posted a really powerful video of a Manitoba football coach congratulating his player for being the first female player to join their team and kick the winning field goal. He then goes on to remind the rest of his players that this female player was battling more stigma and pressure than any of the male athletes on the field that day. It’s worth the watch.


My second shout out goes to Andy Plesser , founder and CEO of He posted a really informative conversation with Lou Paskalis from AJL Advisory. He says greater transparency is needed for the programmatic advertising marketplace become less wasteful, in this interview the CIMM Summit. I encourage you to watch for yourself here.

This week, I have been enjoying listening to the On Strategy Showcase podcast. In the episode I have linked for you, Group Strategy Director, Julian Morgan and CCO, Mike Dubrick  discuss evretyhing from Ketchup Fraud to Hog Dog Pact to Vintage Drip and so many more. Heinz and Rethink deliver brilliantly on creative effectiveness in the CPG space. Give it a listen.