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National QSR Brand

VuePlanner Orders Up Success for National Quick Serve Restaurant

VuePlanner created a strong national video campaign to grow awareness in specific local markets, bring exposure to new markets, and increase online orders – all while achieving a 90+% viewability rate.

96 %

Viewability Rate

32 %

VTR Improvement over previous benchmark


Views Delivered

Campaign Insights

The key components to the highly successful food campaign:

Focus on Increasing Orders

With VTR performance well above benchmark, we were able to focus more on clicks and increase visits to the brand’s online ordering webpage.


Scoring with Timely Sports Content

Rotating out specific sports segments once the season was over increased VTR and improved overall campaign performance.


Making Sure People are Watching

96% viewability rate throughout the flight of the campaign, as measured by MOAT

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Reaching Customers at the Right Time (When They’re Hungry):

Surrounded top sports highlight videos to encourage viewers to order food while consuming their favorite sports content.

Engaged with food-centric viewers who were willing to try new things and enjoy quality food over quantity, by targeting videos by celebrity chefs and recipes on the most popular YouTube channels.

Maximized reach by targeting top entertainment content that aligned with the interests of the targeted audience.


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