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VuePlanner Repeatedly Drives Gaming Pre-Orders

We encouraged pre-order purchases leading up to the releases of several new video game titles, and sustained awareness post-release by aligning with relevant content and interests.


Unique Gaming Campaigns 

1 %

Average Click-Through Rate (CTR) 

23 %

Lift over VTR Benchmark

Campaign Insights

The key components to the highly successful video game campaign:

Reaching Mobile Customers

Delivering on mobile was key to reaching the gaming audience, and delivered a .4% CTR – encouraging purchases and aligning with on-the-go users.


Consistently Exceeding Expectations

Overall performance for each campaign was at or above benchmark, largely due to VuePlanner’s ability to align with relevant content, custom affinity audiences, and by retargeting to previous game purchasers.


Lather, Rinse, Repeat

VuePlanner executed 9 successful campaigns for this game manufacturer within the same year, each with a unique targeting strategy developed to achieve the individual campaign KPIs.


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Reaching Gamers When They Were Ready to Play :

VuePlanner built and targeted custom, highly-relevant video collections for each of the 9 different game titles.  Each collection honed in on the individual target audiences while minimizing ad waste:

Collections included: Adventure & Racing Game Enthusiasts, Conquesting Competitive Game Titles, Extreme Gearheads, Owning E3 and Gaming News

VuePlanner’s retargeting strategy ensured that we reached viewers who had already expressed interest in the brand and were in a “lean-forward” mindset.

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