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VuePlanner Scores Big for Global Cleaning Brand

A major cleaning brand was seeking tactics to amplify the effectiveness of their Big Game commercial investment.  We developed a strategy that built Brand Awareness leading up to the game, scaled delivery during the game, and drove purchase intent post-game among targeted viewers.

37.4 %

Lift in Ad Recall

15 %

Lift in Purchase Intent

31.3 %

Lift in Purchase Intent in Key Demo (Women 35-44)

Campaign Insights

The key components to the strategic game plan:

Watch the Pre-Game Film

Video level targeting exposed specific YouTube inventory that fueled video completion rates within our target audience – allowing us to build additional custom content targets geared for success.


Know Your Opponent

Reaching users before the game allowed us to build a ‘pre-exposed’ audience based on their viewing habits.  This proved to be a valuable asset in the second half, when the game plan shifted to purchase intent.


Install the Game Plan

Custom tailored segments allowed for a detailed optimization process toward Purchase Intent goals – prioritizing performance in key audience and demographic targets.


Don’t Be Afraid to Call an Audible

Due to the overwhelming success from the pre-game targeting, we were able to increase budget during the game to capitalize on extremely high VTRs.


Delicious charcuterie board and veggie with dipping for Super Bowl game.

Own Any Big Game or Event:

Pre-game, we seeded branded video on content relevant to the “Super Bowl Watcher” and the brand’s target audience.  We also focused on content that was complimentary to the typical sports enthusiast,  building custom targets related to:  Game Day Recipes,  Entertaining, and Home DIY.

We exposed users to a teaser bumper ad to pique curiosity with the target audience, as well as to build up a remarketing pool of interested potential consumers.

After the game, we continued to build on the previously-engaged audience through longer form content, sequential ad messaging, and remarketing & optimizing YouTube content targets through previously-collected 1st party data.

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