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VuePlanner Delivers 80% Improvement in Cost Per Qualified Action (CPQA)

A major luxury auto brand needed to improve lower funnel YouTube campaign metrics.  The media team turned to VuePlanner’s proprietary content targeting technology to identify the most contextually relevant placements for allocated spend.  The result was a significant reduction in cost per qualified action.

80 %

Improvement in Cost Per Qualified Action (CPQA)

63 %

Lift in Purchase Intent

37 %

Improvement in CTR

Campaign Insights

The key components to the highly successful automotive campaign:

URLs Targeted Across 1,365 Channels

Increased relevance with VuePlanner video-level planning down to the individual URL (beyond the YouTube channel level) for optimized efficiency and reduction of misaligned spend.


74% of Delivery Within Automotive & Vehicles Content

Segments aligned to target audience represented 13 of the top 20 channels included (accounting for 67% of overall delivery)


Zero Delivery Against Mismatched Content

Irrelevant video content commonly targeted with automotive industry campaigns (“Hot Wheels,” “Go-Karts,” “Motorcycles,” “Hot Rod Racing”) filtered out during collection curation process.

Zero Delivery Against Music, Kids & Gaming Content

VuePlanner targeted content outside the majority share of the YouTube ecosystem to dedicate spend toward contextually relevant, brand-suitable inventory.


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We Reached Buyers, Not Just Audiences:

Competitor Conquesting: We placed ads in front of videos featuring specific competitor vehicles.

In Market Car Buyers: We emphasized vehicle walk around videos, model reviews and ratings.

Make & Model: We set up targets to coincide with the brand’s new model launches.

Lifestyle: We rounded out the campaign with video level targets that suited the specific interests of the brand’s target customer.

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