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VuePlanner Hones in on Hyper-Relevant Content.

Under Armour was looking for ways to align with appropriate and relevant content across YouTube.  We helped them identify contextually-relevant, brand-suitable YouTube content for a variety of their athlete-inspired campaigns.

50 %

Lower than Anticipated CPV

100 %

More Views Than Projected

46 %

Higher VTR Than Industry Benchmarks

Campaign Insights

The key components to the highly successful retail campaign:

Discovering Valuable Inventory

Precision targeting through niche collections yielded video URLs that could be purchased at very competitive rates, yet resonated with the brand’s core audience.


Micro-Targeting, At Scale

VuePlanner’s technology uncovered over 450 thousand unique videos across the campaigns, for optimized efficiency and reduction of misaligned spend.


Under Armour

Going Deeper to Reach Consumers:

We placed ads in front of videos that specifically aligned with Under Armour’s brand ambassadors, including Cam Newton, Steph Curry, Joel Embiid and Misty Copeland.

We built custom sports collections around basketball shoes and training routines, that especially appealed to the brand’s core customer.

By routinely updating NBA highlight video content, we were able to capitalize on freshly produced YouTube content.


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