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VuePlanner Fuels Performance Results on Connected TV

We drove performance on big screen devices for a major retail brand, using VuePlanner content targeting tactics to optimize their strategy.

20 %

LIft in Ad Recall

53 %

View Through Rate


Views Delivered

Campaign Insights

The key components to the highly successful retail campaign:

Video Content Matters on CTV

Contextual targeting on the big screen drove 36% stronger performance versus the brand’s traditional audience approaches.


Placements are the Key to Performance

We identified specific key placements that affected VTR performance, aligning the brand within key channels while still guaranteeing suitability standards.


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An Approach Tailored to Connected TV:

VuePlanner developed custom collections around key topics for the brand’s audience, such as Home DIY & Technology, tailoring to the videos that perform best on YouTube Connected TV.

Our approach allowed the brand to target content from Premium Publishers & Top Content Creators, without paying an upfront premium.

Results drove overall awareness and a lift in Ad Recall, while providing the client with actionable data for future campaign planning.


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