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VuePlanner Scores Big Ratings on Premiere Day

We drove tune-in for a major premiere (season 3) by running YouTube TrueView ads two weeks leading up to the premiere, with a heavy-up on the day of airing.

34 %

Overall View Through Rate

1.37 .37

Click-Through Rate (CTR) on the day of the premiere

954 %

Lift over CTR Benchmark

Campaign Insights

The key components to the highly successful entertainment campaign:

Gentle Nudges & Timely Reminders

Targeting related to content from the show’s past season was particularly successful, driving VTRs of 30+%.  This was a successful tactic to remind fans of the show to tune in for season 3.


Success Across All Devices

Balancing the highly granular targeting with wider reaching entertainment content proved to be a successful tactic, as we were able to balance efficiencies and reach targets across multiple touchpoints.


Conquesting the Competition

Within our competitive targeting, we were able to identify content from one particular network that was driving especially strong VTRs.  Identifying this nuance in performance allowed us to focus our conquesting approach against this particular network.


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A Targeted and Nuanced Approach to TV on YouTube:

Surrounded content from past seasons of the show, including trailers, clips, cast interviews, etc. as well as behind-the-scenes & teaser content from the upcoming season.

Targeted content from competitive TV networks, with an emphasis on networks with similarly timed premieres in order to conquest these networks.

Aligned with trending culture moments in the Entertainment space, including major movie premieres, music video releases and sporting events.

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