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Real-time video classification.

Introducing VueScan by VuePlanner: Contextual Video Analysis Technology

VueScan by VuePlanner delivers a real-time view of any YouTube video’s GARM Risk, IAB classification, detected objects, audiences affinities and more.

Finding Optimal Context Through YouTube Video Signals

GARM Suitability

We align with the Global Alliance for Responsible Media’s framework for brand suitability in advertising.

IAB Categorization

We have created a taxonomy of 850+ categories, based on IAB, but also customized to align with the most popular subject matters on YouTube.

Object Detection

Image recognition detection to identify common objects found within video frames and thumbnails.

Affinity Audiences

Alignment to viewers who may be more inclined to engage with the video content.


Identifying specific emotions enables target viewers based on state of mind.


Recognizing locations featured in the video can help further understand physical context.

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